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What do Leica M users shoot?


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Anything and everything that interests me: people, candids, portraits, landscapes, nature, architecture, travel, city life, family.


It is my only camera so I use it for anything really.

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There is not much you can not do with a M providing you have all the old visoflex lenses, a viso, and all the bits & pieces required to make it work. Now that M has gone to a metered body, close up and tele work is even easier. My bits were purchased years ago, make that decades. Not so easy to find today.


SLR is good for auto focus and fast changing events where a zoom lens is handy.

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Dogs at the dog park, paths in the woods, interesting architecture, strangers in the street...whatever. I don't consider myself a specific type of photographer, I just shoot whatever catches my eye and go with it. Sometimes it works out, sometimes not. I shoot for the sake of shooting, and if I happen to get some good pictures in the process? Even better.

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