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Good morning to everybody.

I just registered myself on this forum, and think it is the right time to introduce myself.

I am an amateur photographer from Italy and am totally new to Leica world, even though I have had some experience with Canon and Nikon cameras and lenses.

A few days ago I bought my first Leica on Ebay: it is a R4S, used but it seems to be in excellent condition, and I bought it at a very interesting price.

Now it is time to think about a nice lens for it: I guess it would be nice to find a good 35 or 50 mm lens to start with. Any suggestion is definitely welcome. :-)




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A 50 mm SUMMICRON- R- lens would be perfect for a start with

the 60 mm Makro as an alternative in case you like this range

as a photographer.


But have a look at the zoomrange as well: the 21- 35 mm, the 28-70 mm and

the 35- 70 mm zoomlenses are most interesting and useful starting

options for a lenscollector.





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Ciao Giuliano,


I'm an Italian living in the UK and I recently bought a Leica as well, though an M6. I used to have an R4s until a couple of years ago or so.


If I may recommend a starting lens, I would go for a Summicron-R 50mm f/2. It was my standard lens and I hardly used any other lens.


Take care,



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