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Auto ISO on Monochrom


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I have been playing with the Monochrom, and it's not quite working as I expected.


My rational is that, in order of importance, aperture, shutter speed, then ISO. So, for a given scene, I set aperture for depth of field, largely let shutter speed do its own thing, and ISO is really only about noise. So, I planned on setting the shutter speed at a reasonable level for the outing, adjusting aperture for each image, and leaving Auto ISO on so it will do its own thing.


Generally, all ISO settings look fine to me (I will know when ISO 10,000 is likely, so I'll take my chances on the outcome), and I see ISO as the least important setting in the scheme of things.


What I'm getting is everything at ISO 320, with under exposure to boot. What's going on? With manual aperture and shutter settings, why aren't I getting Auto ISO (with it set. In Auto ISO) in the ISO settings? Anyone else getting this?

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errrr..... you haven't done something dim like I did and forgot to set the ISO setting via the ISO button on the back to AUTO ISO...... otherwise the menu settings don't work.....


Sounds like it. Click and hold the ISO button on the back of the camera and select Auto ISO and tap the shutter button.


Auto ISO is working as expected here. 8000 ISO / 1/125th minimum is my preferred setting and then just control the aperture for quick street shooting. For shooting in very dark scenes I just manually lower the shutter speed to 1/90 or 1/60. Works like a charm.

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Oddly, no.


Are you setting shutter speed on the dial or in the AUTO ISO limits on the menu ??


If you explain exactly what you are doing I will see if I can replicate the situation.....


...that way we will know if it is camera specific or generic.....

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Is it possible to set a maximum iso within the auto-iso function, which may be set at 320?


If it's like an M9, as I expect, yes - that might be the explanation. The two settings available are 'max ISO' and 'slowest speed.'


I've used it like this on M9: set these to 2500 ISO and 1/125 shutter speed. Then I manually set aperture (usually wide open), and manually set shutter speed (high enough to control motion blur.) The camera is left in control of a single variable - ISO.



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