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George, on the occasion of his 59th birthday (x2)


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My friend and colleague, George. I got a call from his assistant to rush over to his office to sing happy birthday. Of course I had a camera with me.

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I love George's expression in the second image. Nicely captured.

You snapped the other image at the exact moment the candle was extinguished.

I love that little wisp of smoke.

Your photographs are heartfelt. I am sure your friend will love these.


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When I was a child, I found it somewhat unfair, that people got only one candle from a certain year on.


The interesting part about this series is, that they tell a lot about your colleague, he appears to play baseball, I assume he has a daughter and reads the FT, so I assume he might be in a financial business*.





*Which is a bit stretched, I buy the FT myself occasionally, if a headline catches me. On the other hand, the sheath of a Hewlett-Packard 12C is another indication. My HPs all say "scientific" on their top side.

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Found one more detail
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