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Writing to cards in parallel


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A problem. I have a CF card and an SD card which work by themselves. But when the setting is to write to them in parallel the camera writes only to the CF card.


They are of equal capacity, and are formatted together in the camera.


One is a Sandisk Extreme III of 32GB capacity. The other is a Lexar Professional 400x 32GB SDHC UHS-I card.


Any clues?



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The raw + jpg fits with my experience ... And also with what Leica say

"The workflow also becomes easier, as DNG files for processing and JPEGs for immediate image review can be saved separately on different cards"


LEICA S2 / System / Home Page - LEICA Camera AG


I would still like to control what is written to which card or at least write raw to both cards as the OP is trying. I still find it a pain that I have to remove the CF card from the camera to write raw to SD.



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On the S2 or the S, you cannot write a RAW file to both the CF and SD card, you must choose one. You can only write a RAW to one card and a JPEG to another. This is a concern that I have brought to the attention of Leica, however I don't think it is a feature we will ever see implemented, as they are limited by the camera's RAW processing pipeline. As CF is considerably faster than SD in the S2, I would recommend shooting RAW files to a CF card whenever possible.

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I have had this issue too and it must be possible as the EOS 1DS 3 can do it without any problem.


I prefer the twin recording thing myself as once and only once admittedly had a card fail on me. I was saved by having a duplicate.

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