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Just found this site:




There's a limited number of posts, but some very interesting comparisons of dry and wet scanning (on a Nikon LS9000, in this case), and some useful discussions of other workflow questions for hybrid photographers.


His latest post also led me here for an extremely interesting discussion of different forms of b&w inkjet printing.


Worth a visit!

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If one wants to do true B+W inkjet printing, I highly recommend Jon Cone's inks and using QTR as your RIP.


Epson's ABW and also Colorbtye's ImagePrint RIP use color inks for B+W. While it might look okay at first glance, there is still obvious metamerism when viewed under different light sources. The carbon inks are pure black inks and there is no mixing of color inks (view a print produced via ABW or ImagePrint and look at it under artificial light and then take it outside; you'll see the shift.) And there is no ugly bronzing that you normally get when using baryta type papers with color inks.


If you can afford to dedicate a printer to the Cone inks, it's worth it, imho. The only caveat is that it's more prone to clogging if you don't print often. Plus you need to choose an ink set that you like since each set has a different look (it gets expensive changing out different sets.) And you might find the print to be 'soft looking' with the carbon inks on matte paper. They won't have a super dMax looking black only because of the difference in reflectivity of baryta/gloss papers versus matte papers. But they are incredibly deep and luscious (on good quality rag paper.) However he also now has ink sets for baryta papers using a gloss optimizer and a different shade 1 black (but only for Epson printers.) And there is no metamerism and no bronzing with his gloss ink sets.


btw, I also use the Canson papers. My favorite is the Rag Photographique as a matte paper and Platine Fibre Rag as a baryta type paper for both color and B+W (with the Piezo MPS gloss overcoat ink set.)


PiezoPress | The Piezography Website and Blog

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The key is to dedicate a printer. I tried K7 inks in an R800 I had and really liked the results, despite then having to use matte paper (I much prefer a pearl/lustre finish), but switching between colour inks and K7 inks was just too messy and expensive.


The quadtone inks I have tried (that was with an Epson 2100) dried up and clogged the printer something horrible. I decided I wasn't printing enough to endure the pain. Now I print B&W on my R2400 using QTR which gives me decent results. The neutral curves for the R2400 uses as far as I know only the black and grey inks.



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