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Leica M6 TTL 0.72 VF flarring

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I looked around on the forum and did not find much info about this...


My M6 VF is giving me a hard time focusing (sometimes). I recently got it and other than this problem it's mechanically and cosmetically perfect.


So in general it's hard for me to focus when my subject is:


1. Heavily backlight (bright source of light);

2. Very contrasted;

3. In a very dark environment.


From what I've heard this seems to be to a fairly common problem with M6's.


I contacted Gerry Smith in Toronto at Kindermann (I live in Montreal) and he told me about a modification that could be done to the VF for approx. 180$.


So my question is:


Does it need to be modified? or is it just maybe dirty?

Has anybody upgraded their M6 this way? Is it worth it?


Any insight would be great!



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A couple of threads right below yours http://www.l-camera-forum.com/leica-forum/leica-m7-mp-film-m/260089-musing-m6.html


Read through it and it should provide enough information on what you are concerned about.


Also if you Google: "leica m patch flare" you will get more than enough information, too.


btw, 180-200 USD is about the right price for the modification.

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I bought a new M6 in the 80s after using an M4 since 1968, and yes the M6 tendency to flare is worse, and the fix will help. However, much of it can be avoided by learning just where to center your eye in the finder. I just got used to it, and have never had mine upgraded.

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I had an M6ttl 0.85 that needed repair. When I sent it in for repair and a CLA I also added an MP viewfinder upgrade. The 0.85 model flared constantly. After the upgrade it did not flare once. I had the work done by Sherry Krauter. If you find that the flare is distracting and prohibitive to your photography $180 for an MP viewfinder upgrade is probably worth the expense.

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