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Leica M Monochrom - Steve Huff's review

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Steve's "reviews" make for some very light reading and he's quite upfront of mentioning that it not really a review in the conventional sense.


He's always very pleasant and enthusiastic, although I can't said I've read everything or near everything he's written.


He has a very easy to understand writing style, but after reading it, I kind of think that he might have said what he had to say in just a few sentences. Then I wonder what did he say that I really wanted to know?


But maybe I'm just missing the point.

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I would say Steve's reviews are summarizing the end-user-photographer-feel.


Only very few of us spend their time shooting 18% grey wallpaper and other calibration target funny stuff.


What he does is really enjoyable, IMHO. Thanks Steve !

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I'm a fan of his site. If you're looking for someone to be critical of the camera, you may find that hard to come by. Here's why:


  • The only people that are going to give it an honest run, are people that are good at shooting with a Leica rangefinder.
  • The people that are good at shooting with a Leica rangefinder, are the people that spend a lot of time with Leica rangefinders.
  • The only people that have spent a lot of time with Leica rangefinders are the ones that really like Leica rangefinders.
  • The people that really like Leica rangefinders, are the ones that really like the camera


I *DO* think he's going about it in a way that does a bit more on educating people on the reasons that they may want to consider the camera. There's a part at the bottom that specifically says

"If you are thinking of this camera then you have to ask yourself these questions BEFORE pulling the trigger:"


Admittedly, he's a fanboy. But ask yourself, would you trust a review from someone that doesn't know how to use Leica well enough to know that they are a fanboy?


...just my $0.02.


::: as I call my local dealer to see if my MM is in yet :::

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My pet peeve is when reviewers talk about image quality and do not put out at the very least ONE downloadable DNG file.


The MM Dng files from china were a revelation in so regard. It let us download and apply our own technique.


There is more to image quality than resolution charts. The proof is in the pudding and I want to taste the pudding!


Even a cellphone picture can made to look very good in 800px wide.


Apart from that I too think that steves reviews have become overly sugary. Admittedly, there is a lot of good equipment out now, compared to just 5 years ago, but there are pros and cons to everything.

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Here is Part 2 of Steve Huff's Leica M Monochrom review


The new "camera for life" (until the next great thing)



He does make one good point that Leica should have included a basic set of three high quality coloured filters in the MM 'package' – maybe as an option when you register the camera (perhaps choose from a set in either E39 or E46). It would be a nice touch and more useful than a fancy leather strap.

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when you spend 7000$ for a camera I dare to talk bad of it, when you sell it back you can lost a lot of money :-)

I read often Steve's post and I like the way he write it, he enjoy his tools and even if is not the best photographer of the world he shot what I shot

, my family, my cats and my friends.
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