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Hi everyone! I am new to this forum and wanted to say hey and ask for some help. I found this screw mount at a flea market in Moscow last summer and would like to know if this is a Leica ii or iii. The serial number is 114598 and it has a 50mm Elmar f/3.5 lens. I am shooting Russian B&W Siberra Pan film. My first two rolls of film were developed but blank so I probably didn't load it correctly. My third roll came out OK but the I was just taking random test shots just to check the camera. After all it was a flea market find and I really wasn't taking time to focus but a few shots did come out quite sharp.

More recently I purchased a M6ttl .85 had have taken a few shots in the front yard but all of the local camera stores are closed due to COVID-19 s I have nowhere yet to have the film processed. I have typically shot beauty & glamour and fashion with digital and am now exploring street which I've shot with a Fujifilm X100F. Well that's my story ...


Hello everyone!


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Hey all,

I'm new to the forum. I've had its results come up quite a few times in Google search results, and I decided it was time to register and join, since there's some quality content here. I'll probably just be lurking for now and absorbing information. I've already found some good reading material on a few threads.

My Leica of choice is an M6. Sadly, it'll be seeing infrequent use for the future, at least until the time of social distancing and quarantine passes.

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Just another new member after reading a lot on the forum and elsewhere to choice the right Leica for me.

So first, thank you all for all the information shared :).

I am from Belgium, 38yo, i have at my disposal a lot of gear, until now, i used only Nikon (D4, F3, F6, all the fast prime lenses from 35mm to 400mm and zooms  from 14-24 to 180-400) to satisfy my needs from studio photography, sport photography, airshows, family pictures... I do print a lot as well for family and friends. Gifts from me are usually framed pictures as i think.

As my kids are growing up, i wanted to have something smaller than my (d)slr, less intimidating but as i enjoy good quality products, i turned to Leica.

I wanted a full manual camera to find back what i was using as i was younger, to take more time into thinking of the shot (or being prepared before the shot).

I had a dark room when younger and shot a lot of TriX400, HP5+, and others and would like to share my 6yo daughter who love photography and takes a lot of memories with her camera, showing her that photography has another side to digital.

So i bought a M3 DS with 2 lenses : 50mm Summicron  (11826) and a 90mm Summicron Pre ASPH that should arrive any day now (A problem with DHL is preventing me from enjoying it at the moment).

I will probably also buy a MP for color films with the metering as well as a Summicron 35mm (or 28mm) but i am not yet settled on that choice. Even if i know that i will end up with both at some point.

I guess that is all i can say for now, i will probably read more than will write as my Leica knowledge is pretty limited for now and hope this new camera settings will make me discover yet another side to photography and will allow me to meet some friendly people along the way



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Hello everyone


My Name is Ben and im addicted to Leica Cameras😅

Everything started with an old M6 i got quiet cheap. From this i moved to the Leica Q and now to the Q2. Been thinking if i should add a M10-P to the Collection very soon.

Glad to be here.




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Hello everybody

I'm new and got back into film photography, with a Leica M4-P, Summicron 50mm IV and a Nippon Kogaku Nikkor-P.C 1: 2 f = 8.5cm.

Great forum!


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