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JPG or RAW - SD Cards

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Hi all, just joined having just bought a Leica x1.


Hoping you can help me - is the file size for RAW much bigger than JPG? and what are the benefits of shooting RAW?


Also I need to purchase an SD card and am surprised by the options available - is there a down size to using a large card (say 64GB) such as speed to read/write etc - also are all SD card compatible (excluding minis) - please see examples below - apart from capacity they list Class (is 10 better than 1), is 45MB/s better than 30MB/s etc:


SanDisk Extreme 32 GB SDHC Class 10 UHS-1 Flash Memory Card 45MB/s (SDSDX-032G-X46) - SanDisk


SanDisk Ultra 64 GB SDXC Class 10 Flash Memory Card 30MB/s SDSDU-064G-U46 - SanDisk



SanDisk Extreme Pro 16 GB SDHC UHS-1 Flash Memory Card 45MB/s SDSDXP1-016G-X46 - SanDisk



Any assistance is much appreciated, Steve

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I bought a 32GB Sandisk Extreme Pro and it works wonderfully. Probably faster than the X2 can take advantage of, but those are the cards I use in my other cameras so I went with it.



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I bought a 32GB Sandisk Extreme Pro and it works wonderfully. Probably faster than the X2 can take advantage of, but those are the cards I use in my other cameras so I went with it.



Jeff, you must do a lot of shooting to fill a 32gb card in a session. I seem to have standardized on 8gb and occasionally use 4gb. I would rather use several cards than risk losing a lot of potentially valuable pictures. It does not take many seconds to replace a card in camera.


Then there is the question of post-capture editing and processing, all of which can take a lot of time. More selective shooting reduces this overhead.

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Good point about using multiple cards. I got this 32 for a steal though, and I will never fill it up. When I'm on a trip, I DL the photos to my laptop and reformat the card every time. Knock on wood, never lost a photo that way. On my D7000 I've gotten over 10GB in a day shooting raw, but that is shooting youth sports. Lot of spray and pray trying to catch them well without having too much cropping in PP. Disney World is another big gig day. So yeah, depending on what I'm doing, I shoot a LOT. Creative mode - not so much, but when out and about with the kids, I always felt I can never have too many photos of the kids. Hopefully when I'm old and gray I'll be glad to have so many to tease them with



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I would recommend shooting RAW (DNG), the files are indeed bigger (18MB) than the JPEG's, but the quality of the DNG's is much higher than the quality of the JPEG's.

The color is much better, the resolution is better, and you apply the White balance in post production.

The RAW engine in Lightroom 4 is especially sweet for processing the DNG's from Leica X1.

I always shoot DNG, when uploading the pictures to the computer I throw away the JPEG's from the camera and use only the DNG in Lightroom.

Try it you won't be disappointed.

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      Probably already answered many times. Sorry for the repeat.
      Does anyone know whom to contact at Apple in regard to getting the D-Lux 7's raw files recognized in MacOS High Sierra? (2011 computer; High Sierra is latest compatible OS.)
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      This has never happened before. The battery was fully charged and didn't require changing during the day. The SD card has plenty of space on it. BUT the S2 was set to save in parallel and I've never not had both CF and SD in the camera together AND The camera was set to save DNG only.
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      Now to tackle Fuji about the SD card, who seemed to be pretty disinterested when I spoke to them on phone.
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      I've seen this with the other Leica cameras i have as well, and it's the same with my new M10.
      How do i force my M10 to start image numbering from 0 and not continue from the number that last was written to the card (even though it came from another Leica)?
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      Any ideas?
      The SD card is only about a month old, and it was formatted before I used it in the camera (originally). It's not the highest priced card out there, probably not the fastest.
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