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I will be getting a Leica M9-P that comes with a 50mm Summicron. From what i've read the next best lens would be the 35mm Summilux ASPH FLE. Just wanted to get some opinions as well as any new user tips or ideas to boot. I want to start out with both as I know they will last a long time with proper maintenance and care and from what i've read 35mm is the best focal length to start shooting with.

Worst case scenario I'll be able to re-sale fairly easily.



- Davy

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Welcome to the forum, which is searchable. And there are good links in the Wiki to discussions about the 35 Summilux FLE


As for which focal length to pick as second lens, well that depends on how you photograph. Some go wider, others, like I, go longer with 75, 90 or 135. Have you photographed before? If so, which focal lengths did you use?



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Davy, welcome to the forum!


My instinct tells me that for a two lens kit, a 28 or 75/90 would give you more balance. Your 50 Summicron is a decades-proven good choice and was once the standard lens sold with M cameras. My M3 worked with just such a set-up (28+50+90) and it allowed me to cover a very wide field of subjects. It is easy and tempting to chase the best promoted lenses and finish up with a confusing collection, many of which seldom get used.


Work with your 50mm exhaustively, indoors and outdoors. Note those subjects which appeal to you for which a wider or longer lens would be the ideal. Gradually you work out you own two or three lens kit. Then consolidate your experience with them. Wishing you much pleasure with your new equipment.

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It is perfectly reasonable to go for a 35mm lens as a complement to the 50mm. I do often carry both of them; they are that different!


But plumping outright for a 35mm Summilux may be going too far. My own Summiluxes are relics from the Age of Kodachrome (ISO 64). Today, a Summicron is lens enough, and the 35mm Summicron ASPH is a very good lens indeed. That said, the 28mm Summicron ASPH is also a wonderful lens if you like that focal length. It is also the shortest f.l. that the Leica M can handle without accessory finders.


Be wary of the longer lenses. They are more difficult to focus than a standard lens, and demand careful and expert handling.


I would even advise you to be content for some months with the 50mm Summicron in order to thoroughly learn the camera, which is very different from a SLR or a point-and-shoot. It is not difficult. On the contrary, it is a very straightforward camera – but it is for people who understand what the gearbox and the coupling are for, i.e. shutter speeds and f-stops! Do also learn about the standard lens, what it can do and what it can't do. When you know that, you will also know better what other lenses you need.


The old man from the Kodachrome Age

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Stick with the 50 Summicron for a while and remember that you have a preview lever to show you alternate framing. In the meantime, your feet will do the trick and your camera/lens combo will become more second nature.


And unless the speed issue is compelling, a Summicron or Summarit is more than adequate for another lens.



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