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Stop Digilux 2 strap scratches


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I have noticed that most D2s seem to have arc shaped scratches near the strap lugs, which appear to be caused by the plastic connector covers scratching against the sides when the camera is being carried. Some of the non-OEM straps available have protectors in place to stop this but I note that the Leica straps (even for the M series) do not.


Until my new strap arrives, I have found that a small circle of felt can be placed over the lug and the strap connected over the top to prevent such scratches. It doesn't look too bad (see attached) as a short term measure but more importantly it should prevent my camera body becoming scored like every other D2 seems to be.


I hope that this helps someone.



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Hola a todos.


Para proteger a mi Leica Digilux 2 (Tambien lo tengo hecho en la 3) de los arañazos laterales les he pegado un protector de pantalla que tenia de sobra.

Me va de maravilla.



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When I bought my Digilux 2, I cut up a generic LCD screen protector to create two patches that I fitted just above the eyelets on either side of the camera. They are almost invisible, but have kept that area of the body scratch-free.


Best regards,



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