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Thanks, Melissa! The B&W was not a conversion but TMax film. I always carried two cameras - one with color film and one with B&W film. I almost always prefer B&W but color sells better and is sometimes required by clients. Since I've switched to digital M's, I don't have to choose between B&W and color, but I have chosen to get the MM so I can go back to carrying two cameras - one for B&W and one for color ;-)


I think I will always prefer B&W. I agree with Ted Grant that color photos are about clothes and B&W photos are about soul. (Usually)



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ok makes sense now. i think b/w about people, color about scene.

when are these from? did you spend time in salvador/ CA in the late 80's?


need more interior shots of the house btw.

to all of you who have an extra 2 hrs out there go to tinas blog and read her house renovation. from the beginning.

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Hi, Melissa -


I spent 30 years as a mission consultant taking medical brigades to Honduras and Guatemala. I would go down a week or two ahead of the medical groups and live with a local family, taking photos that were used to raise money for self-development projects in the communities. It was an invaluable education in priorities for me. I still stay in touch with a lot of the families and have been back to visit them many times.


Our house in York is still very much a work in progress. We are currently sleeping in the dining room while we wallpaper and paint our bedroom. We have a very long way to go!!



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