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I do not seem able to change certain functions in the Main Menu. Specifically, I cannot change Color Management to Adobe RGB. Can anyone help me with this? Thank you.

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I suspect you're in DNG, which won't provide for any color management selection, unlike JPEG.


Glad you asked a digital question, Steve, since I'm sure I couldn't teach you anything new about film. BTW, this FAQ might be useful if you haven't already seen (see #2, for instance).



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I always just leave my setting as DNG + Basic I believe it is called. It might be called somethng different since I never change it.

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    • By jlindstrom
      Got a couple of guestions for the pair mentioned in the topic.
      1) what if any default presets do you use for M8 in Aperture 3's Raw Fine Tuning module?
      2) Do you have any other action presets for M8 in Aperture 3 ie. apply certain color tuning or similar to each photo as a starting point?
      3) If you were to make a new Raw preset for M8 in AP 3, how would you apply that to all or several of your old photos? ie. batch apply it. I know setting it as default camera profile only does this for new photos.
      4) Do you have different action presets for shots with or without uv/ir filter?
      I've been messing about with digital cameras and different pieces of software for a good several years. But as with probably many other hobby photogs, I've never really got a proper grasp on the whole digital workflow or post processing. I've been doing things one photo at a time and each to their own.. this leads to terrible inconsistencies.
      To start managing the problem I've at least now calibrated my imacs screen. So I guess next step is to find suitable starting points for any consistent editing in AP3. And yes, I prefer AP3 - it's controls and layout just suite me better than anything else so please keep this AP3 related.
      And after I'm getting consistent results on screen, I'll then start to worry about printing. But that will be a whole new thread
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      I recently got my hands on an M9 and have been enjoying playing around with it for the past few hours. However, I've noticed in the menu setting that the following options are grayed out w/ the following settings.
      Sharpening - Standard
      Color Saturation- Standard
      Contrast- Standard
      Color Management - sRGB
      Why does this occur? I would love incorporate the M9 into my work flow. However, I would like to know how to set the color space to Adobe RGB and unlock the other options.
      Additionally, I'm shooting in dng uncompressed.
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