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Lumix batteries for D-Lux 3

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Has anyone experience of using Lumix branded comparable batteries instead of Leica on the D-Lux 3 or on any other Leica models?

I am assuming they would be compatible, and/or does someone have some suggestions please are.

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I have used an Energizer CGAS005 on my D-Lux 3. I haven't noticed any difference in performance or life.

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When I bought my D-Lux 3 in February 2008, my friendly (and very knowledgeable) dealer suggested I should buy a Ricoh battery (DB-60) instead of a Leica original at twice the price. I did, and kept using it alternately with the original battery that came with the camera. No problems.


Then, in April 2009, I sold my D-Lux 3 and then bought the D-Lux 4 from the same dealer. When selling the DL 3, I obviously had to include its original battery, but I kept the Ricoh one, and went on using it alternately with the new original for the DL 4.


Now it´s 2012, and still no problems; I haven´t actually measured the capacity of either battery, but I´m not aware of any practical differences; I just don´t care which one happens to be in the camera when I go out shooting.


I have no immediate plans to upgrade the DL 4 (I´ve bought an M9 since...), so I have no idea whether the Ricoh battery would work with the DL 5 too, or if Panasonic´s foul practice of chipping their batteries have spilled over to Leica. But both the DL 3 and DL 4 are OK.

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Lumix batteries work perfectly (even with new models and firmware, where OEM batterys work no longer),

including the D-Lux 5 with has chipped batteries (just like the Panasonic LX5).

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Thanks all, for filling in with this positive information.

What are 'chipped batteries' please?

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Seconds cheaper with small dents (Just joking),

They have an inbuilt microchip that can control charging and also in the manufacturers intrest ensure that only his batteries are used in a specific camera.

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      Makrofunktion tadellos, Nahbereich bis ca. 4cm.
      Fallhöhe bis zu 2 Meter sollen ihr angeblich nichts antun, Tauchtiefe bis 13m.

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