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Elmar, Summarit, Sonnar, Biotar, Planar ZM, Sonnar ZM on NEX-5N

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I've compared a few classical Leitz/Zeiss lenses at the NEX-5N - maybe someone ist interested:


NEX-5N and classical 50mm Zeiss / Leitz lenses


1) Leitz Elmar 5cm 1:3.5, uncoated (1936)

2) Zeiss Jena Sonnar LTM 5 cm 1:1.5, coated (1941)

3) Leitz Summarit 5cm 1:2, coated (1952)

4) Zeiss Jena Biotar 5.8cm 1:2, cooated (1953)

5) Zeiss Jena Tessar 5cm 1:2.8, coated (1956)

6) Zeiss Planar ZM 2/50mm (2005)

7) Zeiss C-Sonnar ZM 1.5/50mm (2005)


I'ts just a small comparison - but better than nothing. If someone of the native english speaking could correct my terrible English i would be more than glad - just send me a message via "contact" at artaphot.ch, including the corrected text. I will insert it as soon as possible.



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Excellent comparisons. And if most English speakers' English were as good as yours Shakespeare would be proud

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    • By alan mcfall
      Gives the  term "red scale elmar" a whole new meaning!  Distance seems to be in both feet and meters?  I guess you can get these "reproductions" in what ever color you want.

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    • By kingson138
      Hi, recently I had designed and built by 3D printing a longer Endcap for retractible lenses. Basically it has an internal depth of 23mm, which i think will fit most of the M mount retractible lenses. I designed this Endcap for my 50mm Elmar F2.8 lens.
      It is better to use a good 3D printer. I printed this Endcap using my Craftbot Plus printer at " 0.100mm " layer height, with 15% infill. I printed these Endcaps on Glass Bed with Dimafix 3D printer glue. The result is mirror smooth bottom. You can use PLA or PETG. This is a very clean design. There is no oozing to be cut except the last one when the nozzle started to go into Home position.  You can use any colors you want. I did not take a picture of the Endcaps today but i will add that to the Dropbox download folder. In this folder you can find a stp file and a stl file suitable for 3D printing. You can revise the design by loading the stp file. A computer rendering is included. Tomorrow evening I will put actual pictures into this downloadable folder.
      This is the link:

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    • By max.mlzr
      Hey guys,
      I'm currently setting up a Leica Screw Mount kit. I will be buying a CLA'd Leica iii with a new splitbeam mirror.
      The whole kit is planned to be used for a gap year in New Zealand and therefore it needs to be small but still affordable because I'm still a student.
      Now I can't decide between a probably uncoated but CLA'd Ltm 5cm Elmar f/3,5 and a Nikkor 5cm f/2.
      The Elmar is incredible small which is amazing for travalling while still having a good quality as a like. And it fits in the ever ready case. BUT I really like using filters and it is very hard to use them on the Elmar because it needs those special A36 filters and I need to put them off everytime to change the aperture which is still hard without the filter.
      The latter on the other hand doesn't have the advantage of being able to be pushed inside the body to become very small but it uses normal filters and it isnt hard to set the aperture with it. But it does not fit in the everready bag (or am I wrong?).
      The question is now which one is better? How about the optical quality, I have no ressources to exactly compare them.
    • By ashley12234
      Hello everyone!
      I'm new to the leica film cameras but I came up a rather very nice iiif in great condition which comes with a summarit 50mm f1.5 going for about $550. This sounded like a pretty good deal to me, however, upon closer inspection the lens seemed to have a lot of haze (not sure about fungus) as when I performed the light test there were specks everywhere. It seemed to be internal and in the second glass?? Not sure how to fix it or if I even can, also the focus ring was pretty stiff (but that isn't a deal breaker or anything). Like I said, the body of the camera was in very good condition however the lens is my biggest concern. As most of you are owners/experts and such please help me out and let me know if this is a good deal or not. 
      Thanks, Ashley
    • By frame-it
      Before the Eclipse
      Fuji XH-1 + Leica Elmar 135mm f4 Acros-red, in-camera jpg, cropped

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