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Leica M6 or M4-P?

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Purely an opinion, and I respect everyone's differing viewpoints.


With the M6, you have access to a meter without add-ons. That is the deal-maker for me.


The M4-P is several years older, hence several years closer to needing a CLA or other service.


On the market, the M4-P is at least $200 less than a comparable M6, so you're taking a loss in the trade.


If brass is that important, save up a bit and pick up a modern MP. That will combine all the attribute in one package.


BUT, the most important thing is to find a tool you enjoy using, and go shoot some film!!!



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when you factor in the cost of buying a meter, assuming you don't have one, the pricing is pretty much the same between the m4 and m6. the m4p trades slightly cheaper because it is made in canada and the m4 can trade more expensive than the m6, meter price included, because of the build and the leitz name on top.


in sum -- it is all priced rationally (relative to each other, not level) so decide meter inside or no meter no battery fully manual camera. up to you. remember also that when it comes to a film leica it is the lens that makes it a leica photo not the camera. camera is a just light proof box. you can do just as well with a zeiss or a bessa and putting a leica lens on it. you might not like the feel, etc. but that again is your choice.

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I currently own the M6 and use it regularly. I have an offer to trade for an early model (brass top plate) M4-P with VC II lightmeter, both in great shape. The two qualities I like over the M6 is the brass top plate (love brassed cameras) and the lack of batteries. Anyone used both and have any opinions? Thanks!


Stay with the M6. 

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Tie a string around it. (An Arctic explorer joke)


I was wondering why such an old thread was resurrected, but now I see we had to wait 5 years for the punchline. LOLZ


Worth it.

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