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E. Leitz New York

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On 3/13/2012 at 10:35 PM, Inspector Clouseau said:

Im getting close, my investigation has revealed the following so far:



  • At Hudson early 1950's
  • At Park Ave by 1956
  • Left Park Ave around 1968 / 1970
  • 1972 moved to Northvale, NJ
  • Recently moved to Allendale NJ


Anyone like to dispute this or ad to it? I still don't have a date for when they opened and closed the Hudson location ..... all I know is that they were in Park Ave. in 1956.

I bought my M4 and the three Summicrons - 35mm, DR50mm and 90mm - at the Leica "store" on "Park Avenue South" as it was then called - in June 1967; I was then planning to attend the 1967 American Bar Association annual meeting in Honolulu that I then photographed with my "Young Lawyers Section" friends. Still have those images. Somewhere. Along with the Leica gear.

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And now they have moved to Teaneck. We are having our spring meeting for the Leica Society Intl there April 21 to the 23rd. It will be the first time I will visit the new office. I visited the Northvale facility many times in the 80’s and 90’s.

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