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Flash - 20 or 24D

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What is the difference between these two Leica Flash units. I have them both and was under the assumption that the 24D would not work with the MP. I have used it on the MP several times though with good results. So what gives?



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from thread in old forum http://www.leica-camera.com/discus_e/messages/3/173977.html?1130106723


--begin quote--

Carlos Morales (maneshake)

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Posted on Sunday, October 23, 2005 - 10:09 pm:


Hey Philip, I just bought the 24 and am still playing with it. The 24 is stronger. Also, Leica and Panasonic both recommend it as the best choice as a flash gun for the D2/LC1. I also recall that you can use the TTL/GNC on the 24, but not on the 20. Also, if you have the LC1 and the black 24...it looks sweet. It also comes with 2 diffusers. I pulled this of the Leica site for you:


Leica Camera AG of Solms is pleased to introduce the new LEICA SF 24D, an improved flash unit with automatic guide number control. The optimised functions offered by the LEICA SF 24D make it possible to control flash exposure directly through the camera, making this unit the perfect accessory for a wide range of Leica cameras. The LEICA SF 24D is suitable for use with Leica rangefinder and SLR cameras, and can also be connected to the LEICA CM analogue compact camera and the LEICA DIGILUX 2, which will be available from February 2004. The flash unit automatically recognises the type of camera to which it is connected, and adjusts itself to the relevant operating mode. Ease of use and compatibility with the full range of modern flash techniques are features of the LEICA SF 24D.


The LEICA SF 24D has retained all the application features of its predecessor model the LEICA SF 20, and has complemented these with new functions. For example, the range of automatic apertures has been enhanced. All apertures from 2.0 to 11 are available with this new dedicated flash unit. The LEICA SF 24D also provides improved flash compensation of +/- 3 EV.


The illumination angle of the LEICA SF 24D corresponds to a 35 mm focal length for the 35 mm system. The two ancillary screens supplied with the unit for the wide angle and telephoto range cover focal lengths of 24 mm and 85 mm respectively. The flash unit automatically recognises the two diffuser screens supplied, and immediately adjusts the range display to the new guide number.

--end quote--


I hope that helps.



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