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M6TTL problem of over exposure ???

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I use an M6 since one year and since the last few months the light metering has a problem.

It happenes most of the time in low light situation, the camera indicates me a good exposure which is in fact over exposed of usuallty few stops.. for exemple i m using a tmax 400 the real light is f5.6 at 1/30 so he will indicates me f2.8 at 1/15 ... i need to shake the camera to help him to give me the real exposures


on the one side, it teaches me how to read the light less or more, but on the other, it's very annoying when i need to photograph quickly and i have these mistakes.


i ve changed the batteries for new ones but the problem is still here.


does it happen to someone already ?


what should i do ?





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i shake the camera but keep the same composition, and i don't meter from the dark area


i m one year familiar with metering of the m system, i ve shoot developp and scan more than 100 films so it's what i ve learn so far...

should i know something particular about the metering ?



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I mean you do realise it's like a large spotmeter, and not like the centre weighted or matrix metering in most other types of camera? If you meter the scene just as you compose it, the chances are that you will under or over expose unless it's an evenly lit subject.

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Thinking of the electronics inside the M6TTL and how all this is made I don´t believe you get a different reading by shaking the camera. Check the ASA adjustment on the back side of your body, is it loose?

I don´t believe that. Otherwise I have no idea...



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