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The hotshoe on my X1 is so tight that I practically have to force the Leica finder in each time I want to mount it. Taking it out from the hotshoe is another hassle. It is impossible to mount any of the flashgun that I have to the hotshoe. Does anybody else have the same problem? Any suggestion how I can 'loosen' it a bit? Thanks.

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Strange, I had this same problem whe I tried the finder out on my X1. I had to use so much force to attach it that I was really concerned I might break the shoe off. Similarly, excessive force was needed to remove it - in fact in finally came off with such force that it shot a couple of feet across the sofa (landed safely with no damage).


I am sure it must loosen up a little with use but it needs to remain tight after attaching it many times, as there is no locking mechanism to secure it in the shoe. In the short time I tried it out, I felt my copy was too tight and was relieved to return it for credit (for reasons other than the tighness).

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Sorry to hear the problem. I can see how it is damn awkward for the flashgun.


If any use as an very alternative suggestion, I now keep the VF mounted all the time, have sold my SF 24D flash because I found the results from the Metz 28 CS 2 slave flash even better. Since Leica Flashguns seem to go for good money, I was able to Swap them around and fund the Metz out of double the amount of money it cost, that I realised for the 24D.

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May I suggest to you people to carefully apply a fine nail-file to the appropriate surfaces (not bottom) of the viewfinder mount? You probably have one in the house if you or at least your mate grooms her nails.

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I too found it tight but prefer it that way. In the end I rubbed a pencil on the edges to give some graphite "lubricant".


Powdered graphite is the very worst thing to ever apply to any part of your Leica. If finds it's near-nanosize particles into everything. It's a BAD THING!

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