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...and the winner is

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We have had a bouquet of sights on the theme "nearness / Nähe"

Thanks a lot for that and last not least for the voting.


The first half has been very close together but we have a winner:


1.Bill Allsoop----------------"The Bad Egg"--------- D-Lux 5------------10pts


2. Ellie ------------------------"Kitty" ----------------------C-Lux 2------------9pts

2. eckart--------------------- "Weirdness...."----------- D-Lux 2------------9pts


3. Leicanier------------------"Gemeinsames.."--- Lumix LC-1------------8pts

4. mikren---------------------"Head over ears.."------- V-Lux 1------------7pts

5. p.freudenberger---------"almost hit..."-------------- D-Lux 4------------6pts

6. Carylwithay---------------"Dried Leaf..."------------- D-Lux 4------------4pts

7. Coccia---------------------"P.O.I."---------------------- D-Lux 4-----------3pts

7. Gerhard Isringhaus-----"Hollyhock with Ant"------ Lumix FZ20-------3pts

8. Robert Parker------------"Behind the..."------------- C-Lux 1-----------1pt.


So the flowers are going to Bill....and, last not least, the honour and the right to give us the new theme and start the next Digilux-Challenge

I am looking forward to that

Cheers to all and merry x-mas


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Congratulations to Bill and the other 'pari merito'. And thanks to eckart for the effort and the very nice theme with so many points of view.


And I agree with mikren for the reflection. Hope in better partecipation next challenge!


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... This forum is more about technology then about photography.


Yes, could be right or at least it seems so.

It might be for the most Leica owners in the world a Leica is just a wonderful collector's item.

The serious ones of them would never touch one of this cameras without gloves or put a film in and real maniacs even would neither unpack nor dismantle the carton from the cellophane...

But hope never dies and in the end, we have had fun and that's the reason I did it for.

I am in a Hasselblad forum too and there we have a monthly challenge what I like very much. Sometimes we are only one hand of photographers and in other months we are 15 or even more..so it seems to be quite normal to me as it is, unfortunately.

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Congratulations to Bill Allsop, Ellie and Eckart for their winning entries and congratulations to Eckart for the excellent organisation.


Looking forward to the next one !!

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