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New Firmware 1.176


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Unscientific testing of a few of my SD cards such as Transcend Class 4 32gb and new Sandisk Class 4 Ultra 16gb, as well as some Class 10 cards give me the impression that saving files is cards is noticeably slower with 1.176 firmware.



Compared to???

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Not having any problems with my spate of 2GB cards, so think I'll hang onto 1.162 until Leica fixes the write speed issue. It's slow enough as it is. I dunno, but my 5D takes any and every card I've thrown into it without a hiccup. I don't understand the reason for Leica's problems with card compatibility, which was present with the M8 also, and why the "fix" seems to require choking down the write-speed.

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The new firmware v1.176 ist better than v1.174—vastly better actually (faster) with my SanDisk SDHC Extreme 32 GB card—but still slightly slower than v1.162. So thank you, Leica, but no thanks. For the time being I shall stay with v1.162.


My results for the SD card mentioned above for seven frames in DNG+JPEG basic uncompressed format, C mode, shutter speed 1/500 s, lens recognition = automatic, body cap mounted instead of a lens, metered from the start of the first exposure until the red light stops blinking:



Firmware v1.162:


  • ISO 160/23°: 40 s
  • ISO 320/26°: 41 s
  • ISO 640/29°: 43 s
  • ISO 1250/32°: 45 s
  • ISO 2500/35°: 63 s


Firmware v1.176:


  • ISO 160/23°: 48 s
  • ISO 320/26°: 49 s
  • ISO 640/29°: 52 s
  • ISO 1250/32°: 54 s
  • ISO 2500/35°: 69 s


With firmware v1.174, the same test at ISO 160/23° took 100 s (rather than 40 or 48 s); I did not try the higher ISO values.


Please note that with other cards (or possibly even with the same card but from another batch of manufacture), the timings may be significantly different ... better or worse. So your mileage may vary.

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FYI, I just compared my recent SD HC M9 write times with Panasonic gold cards linked here:




With 1.176 there is no measurable difference in speed with those cards (which is fine with me): after 7 DNG uncompressed +JPEG FINE shots the buffer clears totally in a little over 50s with a 16GB class 10 UHS card. The same card clears the buffer entirely in just about 20s with DNG compressed.

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Firmware 1.176


Sandisk Extreme HD Video 20MB/s 16GB

50mm F0/.95


7 shots in C mode

Uncompressed DNG


160 ISO - 26 seconds

2500 ISO - 26 seconds

15 seconds for compressed

65 seconds if including fine JPEG - so don't do that! Why do you need JPEG anyway?


About the same as earlier release. I'm happy with new confidence using Sandisk cards.

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