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M9 lens correction by profiles

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Hi all,


Can anyone please point to information about what is corrected in the M9 profiles for various lenses for the 1.162 firmware? I assume that there are no changes in profiles to the new 1.174. I am particular interested in photos comparing with/without profile.


I intend to do my own comparison for 50/2, 28/2,8, 90/4, but no sense if this is already done.


My understanding is that the profiles correct the color cast by wides, color balance as well as vignetting (falloff), but does NOT correct distortion?


I see a lot of claims that the profile corrects various lenses, and although opinions are appreciated I would like to have more facts. So please, no offense intended towards those claiming that profiles are correcting lens/sensor problems


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Alf, Leica Camera has said that the corrections performed are for vignetting and edge discolouration problems with some lenses in some situations as you noted. Previously they have stated too that there is no distortion nor aberration correction in firmware.

1.174 was only for reported SDHC card problems (in a minority of cases).

Simple to conduct your own comparisons of course with detection off and on. You are unlikely to see any differences when shooting with a 50 and longer at all.

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