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    • By jnero
      Hallo zusammen,
      ich dachte bisher, es gäbe nur den m39 auf M-Mounth Adapter, welcher eine Kopplung an den Entfernungsmesser hat.
      Jetzt sehe ich ab und zu Verkaufsanzeigen, in dem Minolta MD oder Contax/Yashica Objektive mit einem Adapter angeboten werden, bei dem im Text angegeben wird, dass die Kopplung an den Entfernungsmesser perfekt funktioniert.
      Gibt es solche Adapter fertig zu kaufen, oder handelt es sich um "angefertigte" Adapter, bzw. geänderte? Man hört oder liest so garnix drüber?
      Ich möchte gerne das ein oder andere 1,4er zu meinem Cron an der M probieren.
    • By fastfashn
      I've always wanted a really wide angle lens. I would have bought one for my old Contax G, but as you might recall, the 16 F8 was hugely expensive, and also vignetted like crazy. Times have changed.
      The pix taken with this lens on Flickr convinced me it would be something special. Looking forward to receiving the machine in a week or so,
    • Guest
      By Guest
      I had my lenses adapted to the M9 (e.g. distance / focus of each lens was syncronised to this particular M9) now I am going to buy a M240, I am wondering if the distance / focus will be correct to the M240 too
      Does anyone have appropriate experince ?
      Thank you very much for your reply
    • By Wiggi
      Bei ebay wird ein Adapter für Hasselblad-Objektive angeboten:
      Leica S2 DSLR Lens mount ADAPTER FOR Hasselblad to S2 - ebay.com
      Es ist nur noch eine Frage der Zeit, wann andere Hersteller auch einen anbieten.
      Vielleicht bietet Zeiss auch Objektive mit dem S-Bajonett an.
    • By FastFashnReloaded
      And I can't wait for an upgraded M so I can get a camera with decent lenses...
      I've been thinking about the Olympus E-P1 for a month or two now, and really, really liked it - that is, until I saw the lens tests.
      There is a line from a reviewer about the movie, "2010"... Let me see if I can remember it.
      "How can a spacecraft (referring to the Russian spacecraft Alexi Leonov) from ten years in the future (of the movie 2001) look like it is twenty years older?"
      Something like that anyway...
      The E-P1 reminds me a lot of my Contax G1 and G2 - sans finder of course. However, the zoom lens that comes with it, although of the same approximate range and F-stop as the Contax zoom Contax G System , has tons more distortion. The pancake does nothing for me.
      How is it that twenty years ago (or so) Contax could make a lens system for a new type of RF (made of titanium!) that didn't need correction in software, didn't have loads of CA, and with all the modern tech we have now, Oly can't? It's as if Apple had decided to make a new, tiny iPod for 2009 that had a black and white display and 10GB of memory and sold for $800.
      Why can't manufacturers these days make a small camera with a zoom, a great set of primes, reliable and tough, with fast focus and a full frame sensor? If Contax could do it all those years ago, with by our standards primitive processors and electronics, why the frell can't it be done now?
      This is exceedingly discouraging.
      Dana Kincaid
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