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High Speed Shots with Leica M

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Some of my high-speed-shots with Leica M8 and M9, Canada-Summicron 2/90mm and Canada-Elmarit 2,8/135mm.

It needs some time, to watch the people and the bird, that I not got "empty tickets". But I only want to need my eyes and my finger and no other tools to get the pictures.

Leica M ist for the most Situations fast enough, if we are too.



Peregrine Falcon "Lisa"



1. M9 + 90mm






2. M9 + 2,8/135mm







3. M9 + 2,8/135mm



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Oh, thank you all.

I tried about 3 years, to find out the best equipment to make pictures from things in high velocity.

In some cases it is possible to work with tripods, but in the most cases I must move the camera. Therefore in all my pics I made it free hand. Then it is nessesary to have the shutter shorter than 1/100 second, let me say it in milliseconds, in less than 10 ms. And, I had problems with 100% SLR, I always got the target to late to see.

Therefore I took the viewfinder with smaller areas, I saw the target before it war in the picture. And I could open both eyes, this ist important.

And, as well, I want to make a "fair" one-shot and no high-speed-cam with about more than 1000 p/sec. In that case the quality is very poor, I had with a crop to 25% in M9 4.5 MP in the picture.

The pics with the falcon I could track the target and I saw this coming into the sharp area, therefore where shutter-times till down to 1 ms no problem.

In case of the longbows and crossbows it is possible to need tripod or monopods, but I don't love any pods with Leica-M-Cams. I belive, these are Cams for freehand and nothing else.

Ant this is extremly important for the skeet-shootings. You must find the clay pigeon in viewfinder before it is shot, any you haved a minimal time window of abaut 1 (one!!) millisecond to open your shutter. It's not possible to think a little bit, you must start shutter opening before the hunter will shoot.

That's the - only - little problem for you.


Yes, o.k. I took a time of about 3 hours and more than 200 pics. But there where "greenhorn"-hunters of my Round-Table-Service-Club, (I am founder and member of RT 74 Hanau since 1971), only 10% where o.k.

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Thank you all again.


For the timing of skeet-shooting a little calculation.

The pellets left the gun with about 390 m/s, means supersonic. The pigeon flies in a distance between 15 and 30 meters and with a speed of nearly 30 m/s.

If the pellets reach the target, they has a speed of 300-350 m/s, the diameter of the cloud of pellets is about 300-500 mm. From the first pellet to the last it needs about 1 ms and this is the time in which the target can be destroyed.

In this moment the shutter has to be open, if you want your picture


I took 1/250 s or 4 ms and the aperture of about 8-11. In best case you can see the short way of the parts of the damaged target.

Means you has about one millisecond to make a proper photo

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Hi Erich, ich sehe Deine Highspeed Shots gerade eben erst. Bin über Deinen Beitrag im Thrad "Nicht Leica" über das hier gestolpert: Beeindruckend, klasse gemacht, starke Perspektiven und (zum großen Teil) erstklassige Schärfe und Kontrastwiedergabe.

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