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    • By MEC
      Hello All. 
      I have a Summicron 28mm 2.0 Aspherical Lens. The model on the lens is "4068358" 
      Does anyone have info about this specific version? 
    • By UltraDan
      Hi, I have a 50mm summicron on an m4 body for film and was looking to pickup a digital body and adapter to use the lens on, I’m looking at the Fuji xpro 1 as it’s available cheaply and the form factor looks similar to my M4. Has anybody used an xpro with Leica m lens’s and if so how did they find the experience ? I’m not overly concerned about image quality as to be honest all digital raw files are easy to manipulate/work with. Other than the xpro there is the Sony Alpha range. Any info on this topic would be great, I have read through the topics on here but wanted an up to date assessment of the idea.
      thanks ! 
    • By VictoriaC
      LEICA M7 (0.72 VF) BODY #3328314 in a set with Leica Summicron 50mm f2-M 6-Bit #4037804. BEAUTIFUL CONDITION BOXED & COMPLETE
      I’m offering for sale my Leica M7 (0.72 VF) #3328314 in the starter set with a Leica Summicron 50mm f2 -M 6-Bit #4037804 set, bought from Red Dot Cameras London. I was using this regularly, along with a number of other film bodies I have as I am a bit of a collector. I mainly shoot digital but I still run a film through it regularly just to make sure it is working well. This is a wonderful camera to use and the lens is perfect.
      The camera comes complete with all original packaging, an unused camera strap, manual and body cap and a battery which I have not left inside the camera.
      The camera is in beautiful condition with just a little bit of brass rubbing, the lens has a little cosmetic rubbing on the rim as may be seen in the photograph but the glass itself is perfect. I hope the images attest to the condition of the camera and speak for themselves. I have more photos of the camera and lens if you want to see the condition of them - the advert limits how many photos I can post.
      Priced at £2300 GBP.  Bank transfer or cash on collection from my SW London UK home (in Wandsworth). Alternatively the camera will be packaged very securely and postage will be charged extra at cost.
      Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.  Regards, Victoria

    • By Lewy
      Hello, I'm new to the forum and hope to get some help from all your combined years of expertise. I want to buy my first 50mm, have a 35mm Summilux on the M-10P. After obsessive days of research I've settled on the rigid 50mm Summicron because I want to make pictures with a softer look. This would be my first time buying used on ebay so I'm being cautious. The seller is LeitzUSA, anyone have experience with them? LeitzUSA says the original owner purchased the lens brand new in 1975, serial # 245XXX. According to a chart on Ken Rockwell's site the Summicron f/2 Rigid was in production 1956 - 1968. Just wondering about the difference of 7 years from end of production till the purchase year. Does that seem likely? Is this the real deal or a later version? It is supposed to come with cards, hood in original box.  Thank you in advance!
    • By stirner
      I am purchasing my first Leica! The M10-p.
      I was wondering which lens should I go with (current version brand new), the 35mm Summilux or 35mm Summicron.

      I do not consider the $ what so ever. Why go with one over the other? Is the Summilux strictly better but a matter of $$?
      Mostly street & reportage-style photography
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