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    • By Roger Vorbeck
      Hello everybody,
      I currently have a Leica M2 and now I've been looking into the M5. I stumbled upon one for sale in my country, but I noticed in its photos that this particular camera has a strange metal part/piece in the front of the camera, right bellow the shutter speed selector. 
      I asked the seller about it but he said he bought it like that and has no clue about what it is, he said he thinks it may be a support of some sort.
      I really don't know, but maybe it is something adapted there to prevent the user to change the shutter speed by accident? Just wondering about it.
      Apart from that, the camera is said to be working completlely fine.
      Has anyone ever seen something like this?  
      Any guesses are welcome.
      Thanks in advance!

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    • By Keep the rubber down
      Hello to all,
      I would like to request your help/advice.
      I currently own and use a Nikon F3, but feel the need for something new to help with street/travel photography. After doing a fair bit of research I have come up with buying either the M5 or the M6ttl.
      I can't actually go to a store and handle these cameras and I will be buying online, I am drawn to the M5 but the worry is I am buying something bigger than my F3 when I am looking for something less intimidating when on the street? however the shutter dial and viewfinder look like great additions.
      With the M5 it seems the Shutter speed in the viewfinder would also be useful and perhaps better than the LED's in the M6?
      Could anybody who owns an M5 post some size comparison photos to give me some idea of what it looks like next to the F3?
      How Do you find the M6 TTL, LED system?
      I will be predominantly using a 35mm and 50mm lens to start with.
      Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated,
      Thanks !
    • By willeica
      I recently sourced Wein Cell batteries for my Leica M5. These give the correct 1.35 volt output and they replace the original, now no longer available, mercury oxide batteries. Here is a short review of my experience with the Wein Cell and also my thoughts on the handling of the M5.
      I would welcome views, particularly from other M5 users.
    • By nimes30
      Can anyone tell me why two films on an M5 are partially unexposed ? On the first film, only the last two frames were exposed, and on the second film only 6 non consecutive frames out of the 36 were exposed.
      I have excluded reasons such as forgotten lens cap, ASA adjustment, battery problem, bad aperture/speed adjustment.
      It seems to me like it could be a shutter problem, but can there be another reason?
      Can a badly loaded film be the cause ?
      Does anyone have experience of this ?
    • By paorin
      I was wondering: how was the original strap for the M5? For some reasons it seems to be very difficult to find, even in pictures.
      From what I understand there were a version for the two-lug M5 (code 14190, see http://www.summilux.net/documents/BrochureM5.pdf), which was basically a continuous leather strap, and then another for the three-lug M5 (code 14196?), which had a leather section that passed around the lug and closed with a button (see Original Leica M5 two lug, and three Lug Strap Appearance? - Photo.net Leica and Rangefinders Forum).
      Anyone can cast more light on the subject? Also, was the strap included in the box? I would say yes for the two-lug, because in the brochure it is listed as "replacement", but I'm not sure about the three-lug, the polystyrene padding in the box doesn't seem to have space for it. Why is the original strap so difficult to find?
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