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Noktor 50mm f/0.95 for M-mount


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What are your thoughts on this?

Will this be what puts this already bankrupt once company on the map or will it simply fade into obscurity?

A poor mans noctilux for those that can't afford a noctilux and can't find a canon .95 perhaps?

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If the company uses a similar design as the one for micro 4/3rd (also 50/0.95), it will not be a great lens. See the shots on this page at full and nearly full opening: click.


It is also much harder to make a good 50/0.95 for 36x24 mm than for micro 4/3rd: lens aberrations climb steeply at increasing off-axis angles.

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Are you thinking of the C/V 25 0.95 for m4/3?



No I was not thinking about the 25mm.

The cosina f/2.5 series, their f/1.5 asph, and their f/1.1 are cheaper than the near equivalent Leica lenses. Not a lot of difference on speed between a /0.95 and a f/1.1, in practical terms except if you are bragging...

Unless I take brick wall shots never notice any difference, used to be annoyed by vignetting but Kodachromes demise fixed that problem.



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I've got the Voigtlander F1.1 50 Nokton and it's no Leica.


No, it's a Nokton. A darn good one at that. For the price difference, i would go with the Nokton every single time before the Leica 0.95. I cannot justify paying 10 times more when its clearly not 10 times better (or close to that). Love your Nokton, it's a very nice lens


Also... Nokton is NOT Noktor.


It seems some people are confused by the 2 similar names.


Noktor = Crap

Nokton = Good


Also, someone please slap that lens designer that decided to put ugly fluogreen on the front of that lens...

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Didn't Noktor go bottoms up shortly after their "revolutionary" 50mm 0.95 lens? Oh right, they did. Because they made shit lenses. They simply put CCTV lenses into chic-designed barrels, marked it up, and tried to sell them to hipsters.


Then they were bought by SLR Magic (a gimmicky lens company that make lenses on par in quality with Lomo cameras)... Fun? Sure. But merely that, and nothing more.


So a shitty lens company bought by a "fun" lens maker equals quality f/0.95 50mm for Full Frame? Hmm... Please excuse my slight reluctance to get on board...


Also - Christopher - it's $8300 HKD, which roughly translates to about $1065 (American) - which is still a disgusting mark up, considering most CCTV lenses are less than $200.

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Sorry - in my rant-mode I almost forgot to answer the OP.


Holybasil - I like your photos and your CV 50/1.5 is a superb lens. I crave speed too, but will not stoop to this level. Save up for a vintage 50 Lux, they can be quite magical (if not a little difficult at times).


A Nocti is $7000 - $11000: depending on the version and condition of the lens. The Canon is upwards of $3500. I think the best option for a super fast and cheap 50mm is the CV 50/1.1 - for all practically purposes there's not difference between f/1 and f/1.1 and at just a little over $1000, what a bargain. Although personally, I wouldn't trade the added speed for the substantial size increase.


PS: I notice you're from Oslo, I hope all is well with you and yours.

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The CV f1.1 Nokton is a very fine lens indeed, I couldn't fault mine and the difference between it and a Noctilux was negligible at best.


The Noktor on the other hand is a toy lens, the optics are low grade and in the traditional terms of image quality its not good at all. This one in the M mount is essentially the same as the 4/3 version which was widely criticised as being unusable when released. But that doesn't mean its bad, it may be perfect if you want some Holga-like fun, but not at a Holga-like price unfortunately.



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CV lenses are not Leica, NONE of them.


CV are consumer grade, no better. Leica are world class.


If I dont notice the difference in photos why should I pay more?

I'll give you resale value, might hold up more in long term, but you need to buy potential collectors to gain much, and keep them in glass cabinet.

Just sold my pre asph Lux's keeping the CVs for photos. Though I dont like the size differentlals.



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Looks like an interesting lens as a cheap alternative to the 0.95 Noctilux.

But of course we are always at the same point, pictures of a Summilux 50 at 1.4 are much better than those of this Noktor (as seen on Steve blog). The only chance they have, i think, is the price being no more than 1000 euros. In this case I could be tempted to try the lens, for more I would not.

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