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Thunderstorm approaching at Fortress Marienberg Würzburg

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    • By Wolle
      Zum Verkauf steht mein neuwertiges Summilux 1:1.4/35mm ASPH in Silber mit Originalverpackung und Zubehör.

      Das Objektiv wurde von mir im Mai 2018 bei Leica gekauft und ist in absolut neuwertigem Zustand und ist seit März 2019 nicht mehr im Gebrauch. Es  hat keinerlei Beschädigung oder Kratzer etc.

      Wegen des geplanten Verkaufs wurde das Objektiv bei Leica in Wetzlar geprüft und gereinigt. Die entsprechende Dokumentation und die Originalrechnung sind vorhanden. Werksgarantie besteht noch bis Mai 2020.

      VB: 3.490 €

      Bei Interesse melden Sie sich bitte via Email: wolle@sundivecenter.com

      Dies ist ein Privatverkauf! Keine Garantie, Gewährleistung oder Rücknahme!  
    • By jaeger
      I just wanted to verify if focus shift is a design flaw on 24mm Lux or something it can be fixed by adjustment.
      Since this lens has forgiving depth of field so the focus shift will only noticeable at the following conditions....
      1) at close subjects that's less than 1.5 meters, please set yours at 0.7 meter on the barrel to test.  (don't push all the way, some lenses might go below 0.7m that your viewfinder doesn't)
      2) provided your lens and camera are perfectly calibrated, which supposed to be no issue wide open at f/1.4 at any range.   The focus shift will happen started from half click increment.  Greater than f/2.8 will stop seeing focus shift just simply becoz this lens has very wide DOF.
      I use this lens for close subject intensively so please don't tell me how to use it or how you use it -- thank you in advance.  I start noticing all my pictures are out of focus between 0.7 to 2m when aperture is set to f/2 plus or minus half stop.  So I did a test at home to confirm my copy does have focus shift between f/1.8, f/2 and f/2.4 (I include half click).  My lens @f/1.4 is perfect at any range, every click closing (not step) will result in two inches back focus,  @f/2 is worst at about 5 inches total.  Beyond that range like f/2.8 is fine, it starts to recover a wide range of DOF - some called it zone focusing. 
      If it's not a design flaw, then I need to speak to a Leica technician who is going to fix this lens.  Thank you very much.
    • By Supercooper
      I'm thinking of selling my summilux 50 and summilux 35 (both last ver) in order of getting a new 50 noctilux.
      What do you think? 
      1.i still need to add money
      2.i will stay with one lens
    • By stirner
      I am purchasing my first Leica! The M10-p.
      I was wondering which lens should I go with (current version brand new), the 35mm Summilux or 35mm Summicron.

      I do not consider the $ what so ever. Why go with one over the other? Is the Summilux strictly better but a matter of $$?
      Mostly street & reportage-style photography
    • By mmx_2
      My Leica M10 and some lenses got stolen yesterday in Gothenburg. If anyone sees them, I would be grateful. To moderator, if this is the wrong place to post, please move it.
      In the bag was:
      3824764 Leica Elmarit-M 90
      4081227 Leica Elmar-24-M
      4112250 Leica Summilux 35 ASPH
      5152626 Leica M10 Black
      Leica E46 filterx2 (on the lenses)
      Leica M10 Battery
      Charger for Leica M10
      HP Zbook 2017
      I will also report to Leica.
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