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There's nothing hands-on or simple about the M system. I would not recommend it to a rank beginner.


If it absolutely has to be a Leica, I suppose the X1 would be a nice system. I would recommend using it with a view finder right from the start, but that's a purely personal evaluation. Also be warned that I have never seen an X1 so far.

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What is a better digital starter camera X1 or M8 (M8.2) for someone who wants to understand the Leica system and shoots indoors/outdoors. The person prefers a more hands on, simplier approach.Schwabacher


the x1 will certainly give you Leica quality images.....but as a camera for someone who wants to learn the "Leica system" I am not sure..... I grew up with Leica's and my first cameras were rangefinders- so photography is not new to me the X1 can be very simple as point and shoot or as manual as an "M8".


Both a M8 and X1 would have steep learning curves to be comfortable as a "point and shooter"- it took me about 9 months with the X1 to fully understand and attempt to utilize all of its capabilities.



If you see a Digilux 2 (not Dlux2) for sale (they go for about $500-900 in good shape) - that might give you a better (and less expensive) way to understand the Leica system.

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