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Orchids, four different lenses


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I did a small experiment yesterday. I photographed the same group of orchids with my M9 using 4 lenses: 25mm ZM, 35 summarit, 75 summarit and 90 hexanon, in this order. No tripod was used, so the distance varies. All lenses are wide open and close to their minimum focusing distances. I was surprised by the first one with the 25 mm Biogon which came out better than I expected.





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Thanks all,

It was not a lens test as the last photograph was taken one hour later in better light and the distance to the flowers differ. But for me it was interesting to see how I could capture the same scene with different lenses, and I also think that no 4 is in one sense is the best photograph. But it was taken about one hour later than the others so the light is better. The Hexanon 90 is a nice lens that is fine in some applications, but my copy has to be stepped down to at least f8 to be sharp at long distances. I do a lot of landscape so I have bought a summarit-m 90 mm recently. But I think I will keep the Hexanon anyway.


The most pleasant surprise for me was the quality of the Biogon 25 mm for this sort of photography. It is very sharp and the bokeh is nice.

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