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Pentax Super-Lite II on M9

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Does anyone have any info about using this old flash unit with an M9. Its a hot-shoe unit but without the cutout that allows it to be pushed fully into the hot-shoe receptacle. (probably just as well) Maybe someone has tested the polarity and size of Volts and Amps that go through the release contacts. It may blow the system and ££££s will flow.


Maybe some advice about other flash units will surface with this question.


Maybe I should leave it to use with my Spotmatic and SMC Takumars.

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i am not familiar with this particular flash unit but I have used older flashes successfully with the M9.


Many old flashes had a high trigger voltage and there are concerns about using them on modern digital cameras. I understand that the M9 is quite tolerant of high voltages but personally would not care to put this to the test. It s quite easy to check the trigger voltage with a multimeter. If the voltage is high - say above 12v it would be best to protect the camera with a Wein flash saver.


Older flashes with a thyristor have an AUTO setting which works quite well with the M9 at shutter speeds up to 1/180 sec. I have had good results with the Vivitar 2500 Flash. These flashes do not use P-TTL. A sensor in the flashgun determines when enough light has been emitted and cuts off the flash duration.

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