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Exhibition of the "Digital Camera Deniers Association" in Germany

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If you always needed a reason to visit Germany here is one.


I am the organizer of the 2011 exhibition. Every year we exhibit in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, and this time it's in Mainz, near Frankfurt.


This is the official poster. Translation: "Digital was yesterday".




There is a lot of music, cheap drinks, and no entrance fee.


Vernissage Saturday, 4th of June, 18:00


There will be three bands, starting at 19: 'Ghost of a Chance', 'Plinio Designori' and 'Friends and Liars'.


Open daily from 17:00


More music:


9th of June, 20:00: Australian singer Mijo Biscan

11th of June, 20:00. Singer Fritz Streuner


Finissage on Sunday., 12th of June, 18:00


And, of course, there is a band from 19:00, named „kauzgarnitur“.


The photographers:

Jörg Bergs, Thomas Bethke, Franz S. Borgerding, Federica Degay, Mischa Klein, Michael Kopp, Walo Kuwa, Thomas Langmaier, Thomas Loos, Thomas Mika, Clemens Molinari, Maik Morgenstern, Gerrit Musekamp, Nadja Petranovskaja, Andreina Schoeberlein, Gerd Schreiter, André Schumann, Robert Skarka, Frank Somogyi, Robert Tyss, Stefan Voigt


Show up or throw up :-)

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I will be in Bad Kreuznach starting June 2-12 and will try to make the exhibition! Is it going on continuously?

Please send me some more specifics



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It's open every day from 5 pm. I will be there every late afternon and every evening.


Please be prepared that the rooms are not the Museum of Modern Art or a posh gallery, it's more like the places where pirates, artists and students meet.



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    • By BlackDoc
      Feeling some pressure i had to go for some photos early this morning.....
      Buzzer at 4:30, a cup of coffee  (okay, double double espresso...),  eating while driving and going to the Harz mountains.  Arriving the parking area i was the only one there.... (hours later the road was blocked as there was no more free parking place when i returned). Armed with rucksack, tripod and headtorch i went up to the hills. 
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      Hallo zusammen,
      da ich mich über meine Neuerwerbung sehr freue, muss ich dies hier kund tun. Ich habe zuletzt etliche Jahre mit einer Leica X1 fotografiert, dann bin ich vor 5 Jahren auf eine M9 umgestiegen. Damit fotografiere ich regelmäßig und es macht mir eine Menge Spaß.
      Als Erbstück von meinen Eltern (meine Mutter war Fotografin) habe ich eine Leica IIIc (Baujahr 1949) mit einem Summitar (von 1951) 5 cm, 1:2, die sich - damit Objektiv - in einem sehr schönen und voll funktionsfähigen Zustand befindet. Damit habe ich in den letzten Wochen 2 Filme belichtet, um zu sehen, ob ich überhaupt noch analog und jede Automatik fotografieren kann. Es hat funktioniert.
      Da die Schraubleica nicht wirklich einfach in der Handhabung ist (Sucherfenster und Entfernungsmesser separat) habe ich über die Anschaffung einer M3 oder M2 nachgedacht.
      Für die M3 spricht, dass Sie über einen besonders großen Fenster verfügt.
      Für die M2 sprach ihr Aussehen (sehr schlicht - sehr schön) und die Tatsache, dass man mit ihr problemlos ein 35 mm Objektiv nutzen kann.
      Nun ist es eine M3 - Kauf per Ebay (trotz grundsätzlicher Bedenken) geworden und ich kann meine Leica-Optiken (meistgenutzt: 50 mm) für den Oldtimer nutzen.
      Ich bin gespannt darauf, sie in der Hand zu halten und den ersten Film zurück zu erhalten.
      Beste Grüße
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      I'm starting a new topic regarding the issues found in my newly purchased Leica MP, the purpose of this is to share any ideas that could lead to a solution,
      this is not a rant about Leica lack of QC which we all know is becoming an issue.
      After receiving my camera I run a roll of Kodak TriX 400, after developing the film I found a trace of scratches, I did several test with other films which I didn't develop (in case the scratches were being caused by my development process):
      Bergger Pancro 400,
      Ilford HP5+.
      They all show the same type of scratches.
      This is an undeveloped roll, https://ibb.co/RbxynrM
      I found several threads with people claim the source of this issues was the pressure plate so I checked mine in order the find anything that could be the reason, the screws in the plate don't match the position of the marks in the film and the surface of the plate in my camera feels smooth and flat, I wondered if maybe the reason could be the bridge that has the connection for the light meter but after more inspection it was obvious that the plate keeps the very flat and it does not touch that area.
      I did another test in which I rub some film on the surface of the plate, to my surprise the film was very scratched, I did the same against the plate in my 1958 M2 and it didn't do a single one.
      I also did a couple of prints to verify the scratches appear and unfortunately the scratches are visible even on a middle size print.
      This is the print, the scratches appear in the top and the bottom https://ibb.co/VpKsdfb
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