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time in exif incorrectly

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Peter I think that you have missed something there. The files in M9 can only have the time/date info that is set in the camera. Somewhere along the line your camera has been set differently. Did you replace the firmware or have a problem with the reserve battery failing in the camera? There is no other input like a GPS.

Are you sure that you are not looking a a time modified field (that is the last time you edited the file) instead of time created /digitized (when you actually shot the file)



But you can fix the info afterwards if you need to. Search for EXIF editors You need a batch editing tool.

A common thing when people travel to different time zones and do not reset their camera. I had to change about 2000 files from one trip

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Guest roey

What application do you use to inspect the EXIF data? Is the file an original JPG, an original DNG, or a converted DNG? How do you ingest the files? When you press the info button in the camera while viewing an image, does it show the correct time?


If it is off by exactly 7 hours it might be some software along the way that is making wrong assumptions about the time zone.

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I would guess its what Geoff has said Peter, you may be looking at the time the file was 'modified' rather than the shooting time. For instance did you download the photo 7 hours after taking it?



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