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Lens Profile Available?

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Has anyone published a lens profile for Adobe LightRoom and/or Photoshop CS5?

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    • By Anthony C
      I have both a Leica Q and a D-Lux 7 and I use Lightroom to edit my pics. I have quite a bit of purchased presets as well.
      With the Q, no issue at all.
      With the D-Lux, even though my picture are taken in colour and imported in RAW format, some of the presets think the picture is black and white and show me options only in B&W. I have to manually go to the Colour option and click on it to see what the reworked photo looks in colour.
      Anyone with the same issue ? Thanks.
    • By erniethemilk
      I'm not a heavy user of Lightroom CC, I tend to use it simply for easy processing of the odd photo on my phone or iPad.
      I've noticed the Monochrome profile for my M10-P is missing. I have the colour profile, not the monochrome option.
      Works perfectly on Lightroom Classic on my desktop, just missing on LR CC.
      Anyone any clues as to why and how I put it right.
    • By Basti Hansen
      Hey Guys! I’m new to this forum since I got my Q2 today :) I imported DNGs to Capture One 20 and the colors are completely off - way way over saturated and shifting towards magenta right after import with no adjustments applied. 
      In Lightroom the colors I see represent what I see in camera. What’s the reason for that? I read that capture one 20 deals with native DNGs just fine. Is there a fix for it? A setting I’m not seeing etc?
      thanks :)
    • By peterv
      Hi everyone, just a quick question.
      I am planning to buy the new MacBook Pro 2019, should I go for 32 or 64GB RAM?
      I have already made up my mind that I will choose the fastest processor and the biggest graphic card.
      I am using Lightroom and Photoshop and you know, there are always a few Safari and Mail windows open, iTunes in the background, that sort of thing. I am replacing my mid 2012 MacBook Pro and I am hoping this new machine will last me another eight years, so keeping in mind that the machine should still be quite usable in say, five years time, 32 or 64 GB?
      I am hoping this new machine will last me another eight years 😊
      Thanks in advance!
    • By peco
      von Michael Gradias - erschienen im Markt + Technik Verlag (23. September 2019).
      ... das kleine und preiswerte Handbuch erklärt die einfachsten Methoden , wie z.B. Gradationskurve, Farbtöne, Farbänderungen, Verfremdungstechniken, verschiedene Fotofilter, S/W-Bilder, Automatische Korrekturen etc. und gibt in kurzer Form wesentliche Hinweise zur Bedienung der beiden Bildbearbeitungsprogramme (Kochbuch mit Hintergrundwissen) - lässt sich in seinen Grundsätzen aber auch auf andere Programme anwenden. 
      für den Einsteiger ein hilfreicher "Einstieg" in die Thematik für den Normal-User mit durchaus interessanten Aha-Effekten für den im üblichen Workflow "Festgefahrenen" die Möglichkeit etwas anderes auszuprobieren für unsere Experten ... kennen wir doch schon alles (für die Puristen ... igitt ... entscheidend ist was aus der Kamera herauskommt und nicht was die Weichware daraus macht). Grüße
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