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My own guess for an M9-P is that it will be a tarted-up version of the current M9 - sapphire screen and an MP inspired look (no red dot, Leica script, and available in MP style glossy black paint and traditional chrome).


My thoughts precisely.

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LOL seems to me that whatever Leica 'give', people will always want something else.   Black paint? No, they want black chrome.   Chrome? No, they want black.   Black? No, they want chrome.   Grey paint? No, they want chrome.   Black chrome? No, they want paint.   Red dot? No, they want a black one, or no dot at all.   No dot? Where's the dot?!   This could go on............

Then you can feel the plight of Canon users who are stuck with an aging EOS-1Ds Mark III (3.5 years) or EOS 5D Mark II (2.5 years); the EOS-1D Mark IV is just two months younger than the M9 … (all three pretty fine cameras in their own way, despite their age)   Eventually Leica will come up with an M10. Maybe it will have a CMOS sensor, although it isn’t obvious which sensor it will be. Sony’s 24 MP sensor is a bit long in the tooth by now. There is Sony’s new ‘wonder sensor’ that’s in the Nik

Having now read about 100 messages arguing over whether it is possible, or even desirable, to improve upon the M9's design, I'm reminded of the book "The Little Prince," which teaches that we grow to love the things we waste our time on. Before I bought my M9, and had talked myself into such an expensive purchase, all I could see were the limitations of the camera in comparison to the features of cheaper DSLRs. Then I bought it, and proceeded to lavish it with several hundred hours of my time to

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i've no idea where the bits will go, andy but it sure sounds quite plausible, right? imagine no more electronic whirr when th shutter can be manually rewound after it's released.


I don't think it sounds plausible at all, to be honest and while I can see that it might be an advantage in some situations, I don't think that Leica would even consider going to go down that route; back to the 50s. Why should they? No other digital camera has a lever shutter-cocking device. (The Epson did a few years ago, but that's because Epson basically just put a chip inside an existing film camera. Leica have gone beyond that already).

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I agree with Andy in the above two posts.


My only doubt is about the possibility of some kind of "upgrade" in the internal electronics or sensor...


The rumors may be mixing bits of information related to two or more products...

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A member of the Hong Kong Leica Fan Club has posted that an "M9 version with rewind crank" will be available from July.

See:Hong Kong Leica Fans Club (folders only in Chinese - go to second one from bottom of first window) and scroll down to the posting on M9 P.

He got the info from a Leica dealer in Japan near Shinshaibashi who told him product would be available in July.

And it is long past April 1st. So, I don't know what to think.

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The M9 is still relatively new, still apparently selling well, why would they change the technical spec yet?


I think any changes - if there is a M9P or whatever - will be mostly cosmetic, screen, chrome, engraving etc. That's enough to sell as many extra cameras as Leica could make to be getting on with anyway!

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My thoughts precisely.


Agree...even if, (one more of the many opinions on those technologically fundamental points ...

) I'd like to have

- traditional chrome

- Leica script

- Yes - RED DOT -...

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The red dot was not present on the M cameras' surfaces until late models (as we know it, from the M6, I think). It is a nice and sexy touch, I agree, but I prefer, for my camera, a clean façade.


The front of the M9 camera is full of elements: three windows, the red dot, the small light sensor, the M9 engraving... I particularly dislike that frontal "M9" engraving.


It is a question of personal preference, but I really love the austere MP look. Simple and clean.

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Sorry if this has been mentioned ( can't read 5 pages of this nonsense) but it stands for Platinum Service level, as for the S2-P... see this taken from the Leica S2 website....




The Platinum service package offers even more benefits. In addition to all the benefits of the Premium package, Platinum customers receive a replacement unit for the period of the repairs, so that they can continue working. In most regions an exchange within 24 hours can be guaranteed. Moreover, one maintenance service is offered by the Leica Customer Service free-of-charge so that the camera doesn't fail in the first place. Replacement of the camera shutter or lens central shutter, if necessary, is also free after more than 100,000 exposures. The warranty for the LEICA S2-P with saphire glass automatically includes the Platinum service package with the extended range of services.

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During the meeting between Mr Stephan Daniel and members of the LHSA last October, I asked if Leica planned to offer what old geezers like me would regard as a ‘proper’ M9 - with silver chrome and vulcanite-style finish. He replied that the company was looking at the commercial practicality of such a version. To which my response was “My credit card is ready whenever you are.” So if I get an email from him in June asking for my card number, I will only have myself to blame…


Best regards,



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Saw this and it does look chrome like but probably just steel gray -- which I would like anyway, as long as it lasts. More choice will make it tough -- black chrome, black chrome, silver gray, black paint. How on earth does anyone buy a car?

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The popularity of "the look" of the x-100 probably hasn't gone unnoticed at Leica HQ. And wouldn't it be a fairly easy modifications to make a M9 look like an MP (cosmetically)?


You mean the M3 look that the X100 mimicks...

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On May 15, Steve Huff wrote on his website


“But the M is the camera that will always stay with me until I can not shoot anymore. I’m saving for something new coming along soon and 6 knows what it is as he has one already.”



Later that day, ‘6’ (presumably the guy who has the alleged ‘M9-P’) wrote:


“The camera in the paperboy images is my old chrome MP. The frame advance lever broke whilst we were on vacation. Damn quality control at Leica, what’s the world coming to?”



Number 6 from the old TV series ‘The Prisoner’ would never have made such a clumsy mistake.


The camera seen is the Daily Mail photos has no MP/M6-style battery cover.


What it does clearly have is the optical port for the extra light-measuring sensor of the M9.


It is not an MP



Sorry 6, you will have to do better than that!


To quote the opening of each episode of “The Prisoner”:


“Number 2: We want information... information... information.

Number 6: You won't get it.

Number 2: By hook or by crook, we will.”


Be seeing you.



(aka Number 2)

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      I recently purchased a 21mm Summilux and a Brightline Finder 12024 to accompany it. When I slide the finder into the hotshoe on my M10 it feels remarkably loose and unstable, so much so that if the camera is tipped it will slide out. This can't be right.
      Investigating further I tried the same viewfinder on my M9-P and it fits securely, same when I try it on an M4 body. There are raised bars under the edges of the M9 hotshoe (see attached photos) and similarly on the M4 they seem to have springs under bars to use light pressure to hold things in place. 
      Did something fall off my M10 without my noticing? On a stock m10 is the center area with the pin cluster flush with the rest of the hotshoe or is that area in the center raised up a bit from the bare metal? 
      All other hotshoe items that I use have pin locks so nothing else falls out. I had a thumbs-up grip that went in the hot shoe that was too loose as well. I had assumed it was the grip bring too small, not that something was missing from my camera. Can anyone confirm this behavior or help me to understand what I may be missing? I I can use a small bit of gaffer's tape to fill in the loose area when using the viefinder on the the M10 but that hardly seems like the best solution.
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      I am having issues with the WB value on M9-P, or rather the value that Lightroom brings the image in at.
      I have an M9-P with firmware v 1.196. I shoot at 6000k, but when I import the image (DNG) into Adobe Lightroom 5.2 the WB setting gets altered to 4820k. I raise or lower the WB value and although there is no linear correlation between the value set on the camera and the value set on the imported image, the value assigned to the image in Lightroom is still markedly different from the value that the image has been shot at.
      I went into Leica Mayfair yesterday and tried the following steps to isolate the cause of the problem:
      1. Importing the same image into another copy of Lightroom and it produces similar results although not actually reaching the same WB value as my installation of Lightroom did. Both versions were identical (5.2), and they are vanilla installations with no import filters applied.
      2. I have tried shooting at 6000k on an M9 body (provided by Leica UK) with firmware 1.196 and when importing the image it changed the value to 5200k
      3. I then tried shooting at 6000k on an M-240 body and it imported at 5800k (closer but still not 6000k).
      The results are inconclusive - is the problem in the camera (Is there a colour calibration file/setting embedded inside the camera that needs changing/updating? Is the camera writing the full metadata settings to the DNG file?) or is Adobe Lightroom 5.2 not able to import/interpret the metadata correctly and is therefore converting at a different value?
      Has anyone else experienced the same problem? It is hugely frustrating and I'm struggling to know where to turn next. Although they were helpful and we had a long discussion about this problem Leica Mayfair weren't able to advise on next steps. I have the images from yesterday's experiments. I would like to get in contact with Leica in Germany directly but can't seem to find an email address.
      Thanks in advance.
    • By emmet3
      Ok, since I purchased my new M9-P in October 2011 it has had the red line dead pixel issue, fixed by Leica USA with a new sensor two months after I purchased it. Two months ago the camera while mounted on a tripod came off in my hands, the shell of the body broke off where the cam latches the bottom cover on, fixed by Leica USA without question. Today I noticed a dark diagonal line in the corner of all my pictures and when I inspected the sensor noticed a big diagonal crack in the sensor glass! WTF! I know Leica will fix the camera yet again but come on. I've never had so many problems with a camera as I have with this one, and I've had a lot of cameras in my life. I love the images that this camera produces but I don't think I can really do this anymore, add the fact that my warranty runs out in Oct. maybe it's time to cut my losses and sell it for what I can get for it once its fixed.
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