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Hello Everyone!!!


I am new to this so sorry if this topic has been already discussed. But I did not find anything in particular when using the search function.


My dad is going to buy a Leica camera, probably M9 and I would like to buy him a very nice leather camera case to it as it is his birthday coming up.


Does anyone have an idea where to buy one? Any nice recommendations especially regarding quality. By camera case I mean the "ready to shoot" things and not the bag or box you carry around with you.


Cheers and thank you in advance!!!



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Lucky Dad!


Do a search in the Customer sub-section.


That's where all the bag discussions and recommendations are.

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    • By Photokor
      I'm looking for original case of Leica 250 Reporter.
      Maybe somebody know resources (except eBay) what I should monitoring for the subject? 
      And how it do in the best way?
    • By Scoob
      Hi all
      New to forum.
      I just bought some used 10x25 Trinovid BC,  which have the leather covering, rather than the BCA Rubber version.
      I just wondered if it is possible to work out the age from the Serial number? (Mine is 1433082)
      This is what I have been told about them, not sure how much is accurate - please help if you know different:
      Optical coatings or Phase correction in the BCs was updated about 1990?
      Apparently an original single fixture was used for the neck strap originally, before being updated to dual side lugs - which coincided with optical update.
      I am due to collect these tomorrow and would like to know if I am looking through the latest optical version when assessing them - (I am sure they will be good whichever)
      Mant thanks
    • By Michael Korak
      Alas, it is time for me to move out of 35mm film photography. After 6 decades of making pictures with a variety of equipment, I must finally abandon the wonderful world of emulsion.  

      My love for Leica goes back to the late 1970's and just a few years ago, I let go of my beloved M6 with its 35mm Summicron. It had become to difficult to get a good focus point with my 70 year old eyes. I moved into this R6 with the same focal length and speed. I have been shooting the ..OCOL way of thinking...one camera-one lens.

      I also have a Fuji X-100F that has become my very acceptable replacement for the Leica. It suits my age and lifestyle now. So, here is what I am offering;

      Leica R6 body vintage 1988, with eyecup and split image focusing screen, strap, Leica eveready case and very comprehensive Fritz Meisnitzner book,

      Leica 35mm F2 Summicron-R lens vintage 1979, both caps, 55mm Leitz UVa filter, leather zip case, and original box with the packing foam in it,

      Leica 2x R-Extender (rarely used) with both caps and a nylon pouch,

      Metz 32 Z-2 electonic flash unit with SCA 351 Leica adapter (again, rarely used)

      All of the items are in perfect working condition. Optically, the lens is top notch LEICA quality, nothing less. My last roll of film left the camera two weeks ago.  

      Will ship to almost anywhere. Priority USPS Mail, fully insured, buyer pays shipping.

      Buyer also pays fees if using PayPal.

      $1250.00 USD buys it all.
    • By frame-it
      dropped by the JNK/Arte Di Mano shop/workshop..very nice people..the owner is really cool.
      SL + Leica 50mm Summilux-M ASPH

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