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Tri Elmar 16-18-21 filter use

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I want to use a polarisor filter on the Tri Elmar and have the 67mm filter adapter. I have just bought a Kenko 67mm polarisor circular filter which is sold as designed for rangefinder cameras because it has a rotating calibrated rim which can be matched to a hot shoe (or hand held) polariser with a matching rotating rim. That allows you to see the polarising effect you are getting and then match it on the camera. The problem is that, because of the thin rim, the filter will not fit far enough back into the filter holder to engage with the 67mm threads. I wondered if anyone has had this problem and knows of a solution?


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I don't use the Kenko but I do use a B+W 67mm without a problem. The cutout in the filter adapter allows me to rotate the polarizer until it is darkest. Works reasonably well for me. No issues at all with the threads.

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I have the Nikon Slim Polarizer, and have had no problems- use it the same way as WeinschelA, although only at 21mm. When I am using both my Nikon and Leica equipment, I use a 67-77 step up, and just use 77mm filters that match the Nikons- just have to deal with the finder blockage.

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