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M8 Serial Number

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10 minutes ago, DAVIDHOPTMAN said:

Does anyone know how many Leica M8/M9 camera bodies were produced? I have no idea if Leica produces, 5,000-10,000 or more camera bodies per model..just would be interested in a ballpark  guess. curious is all. Anyone have an idea.


You may have a look here:




Best, JM.

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I just bought a used M8 with less than 1600 actuations, I went in to the service menu, under the firmware and found that mine where dated 04 dec 2009. And the date can not be from the firmware since I updated it with 2.024 from 2014.

The serial number is 3330xxx in silver. It would have been nice if Leica would publish the manufacturing years and serial number. The feeling now is that we are guessing.

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Leica serial numbers are always issued in batches, thus not fully indicative for the manufacturing date. Yours belongs, judging by the number, to the last series, which was replaced by the M9 in September 2009, so it is probably one of the last M8 cameras built.

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