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Final Results - Barnack Challenge #15 - Light/Licht

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A great competition this was



Very good entries and quiet a number!


Here are the final results:


The winner is: XOONS with: Pinhole light and a total of 33 pts.





The second place goes to: thomas_schertel with: bulb and a total of 26 pts.



The third places goes to: cbretteville with: Beacon and a total of 25 pts.




Thanks for everybody participating. It was a great challenge!

I'm very excited to hear about the next theme of XOONS!


Here you'll find the full points and rankings of the participiants.





thanks, OLAF

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Great result!


Congratulations to the winners, and a big thank you to Olaf for the organisation and for

setting the theme.

I too look forward to the next challenge...


Best regards,




PS: Xalo, the cat's name is Gijs

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Congratulations to XOONS, Thomas, and Carl in what was a high calibre competition.


It's really rewarding to see so many members using their Barnack cameras and it seems that the competition's objective of encouraging members to use their Barnack cameras is paying off.



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Congratulations to thomas_schertel and cbretteville and of course to all who participated and voted. Thank you all, but first Dr. No for the organisation of this contest. It was a great challenge with great entries.

Hope to see you all again next time!

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