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Vote here - Barnack Challenge #15 - Light/Licht

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Dear all,


Lots of nice contributions don't make for an easy choice.

So after careful consideration here my final vote:


1st place, 3 points - jc_branconi with 'BIRTHDAY'

Yes, it presses the emotional button with little kids included, the tinted b&w, etc. But it

is a classical expression of Light - a theme many classical painters considered, and it

catches the moment perfectly.


2nd place, 2 points - cbretteville with 'BEACON'

What a delicious mood. The mist, the sailing boat in the back, the 'beacon' of light

watching over the single waiting protagonist. One feels almost transported into a

different time.


3rd place, 1 point - xoons with 'PINHOLE LIGHT'

A nice perspective and a very iconic subject. Well framed and living of the strong

contrasts. Impressive.


Best regards,



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Dear all,

it is not easy to vote this time, because the quality of the entries ranged in my opinion very close to each other.

I would like to share my points to eight pictures.

And I always cecked my decisions a new.


But finally I had to decide.

And here is my vote:

3 pts for cbrettville's beacon

2 pts for braconi's birthday

1 pt for xoons' pinhole light


Thanks for all the others too

Best regards


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#1 - 3 points - mnutzer, Swiss Winter Light - very unusual view of a known motif, very good tonal control


#2 - 2 points - jc_braconi, Birthday - a classic one.


#3 - 1 point - Cindy Flood, Vegas Light - nice cream tones, fits the angel very nicely



Well done everyone!



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