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Post you entry here - Barnack Cahallenge #15 - Light/Licht

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Dear all,


due to the wheather I looked for some warm light indoor



III with Elmar 1:4/135 & Visoflex II


Best wishes



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Hello all together,

already fine shots to see here!


Lights of course are best to see at nights.


So is mine:

City Lights in two centuries


IIIf, 15mm, TriX, Scan from the film

(It's one photo!)


Best Wishes



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Dear all,


here is my contribution:



Kunstlicht - artificial light


Leica IIIf, Canon Lens 50mm f:1.4 @1.4, Fuji Reala


Nice shots so far! Good luck!




M öbi

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Vegas Light

iiig, 3.5 cm f/3.5 Elmar, Kodak BW400CN



I have been enjoying the photos from the Barnack Challenge for several years. It was my dream to have a Barnack. Last year I was able to buy a iiig. I have now had it re-covered and CLA'd and am so happy to be able to enter the Barnack Challenge.

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hello to you all,


very nice shots in this term! For me, one of the most interesting theme and pictures within Barnack Challenge. I`ll try my very best with the following one, called "frozen light":



IIIa, 3,5/3,5, BW400CN, Coolscan IV



Good luck, yours



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as stated here, another week for posting your entries:



good luck




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This is a Leica D Lux 4 Photo... I just adjusted the frame. No name for this one.



the challenge ist just for pics taken with Leica Screw Mount Cameras and film.


the rules of the Barnack Challenge are written down here:




thanks for your understanding, OLAF

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