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Which lenses for Infrared imaging with M8 ?

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Dear Forum,


just new – since some months - in this circle, I feel like at home, because there are so many experienced and friendly people in this forum.


Therefore, I hope, anyone can perhaps help me to find a suitable actual Leica M lens for infrared imaging with a Leica M8 !


Principally, IR with the M8 works well with some restriction, perhaps mostly coming from the lenses.

I see only few problems with the Leica Apo 2/75, which I bought a short time ago.

IR-imaging was quite good with very old screwlenses Elmar 3,5/35 and 3,5/50.

I tested a Voigtländer Nokton 1,2/35 mm asph. , which had such a big focus shift in Infrared, that I could not do good IR-work at all.

With Zeiss-Lenses 4/18 and 2,8/25, IR-imaging works, because they have an IR-marker on the distance ring, but they are not my overall favorites.


Therefore: which actual Leica lens between 18 and 50 mm focal length may be suitable for IR-imaging with the M8 ? The lenses are too expensive or it would take too much time to test them all, therefore I hope for helpful ideas.


Thanks in advance, Joerg

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