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M8 Battery Charger International Compatibility

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I have an upcoming trip to Japan and India scheduled for the Spring. Having never been to Asia before, I am very excited! I'll be bringing the M8 along as it's been my main camera for going on two years now, and have a question about international compatibility with the battery charger. Mine is the older, larger style and was sold to the North American market.


Research suggests that the US plugs will fit in all outlets in Japan, and that an adapter will be necessary for power in India. The charger's range of voltages and frequencies appear to conform to the power specifications for both countries. Can anyone confirm that they've had success with this strategy?


This may also be a good thread for any and all info regarding travel and power.


Thanks much,




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J. as you mention the charger itself should have no problems accommodating the different power standards in the different countries. Mine visited several locales including Japan, USA and assorted Euro spots. It was the same charger sold everwhere and included a fistful of interchangeable plug modules. Later of course (with the compact unit), just the lead needed to be swapped.


However you may well need more plug adapters when you travel. Most of us tend to cart along more than one chargeable gadget and a couple of adapters are a great convenience. A quick Google will tell you more than you want to know on power standards and plugs!


AC power plugs and sockets - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Enjoy your trip and shoot lots.

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