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Black vs. Silver MP

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Mark my word, whichever you get you will at some level be regretting down the road that you didn't get the other.

For less money you can get a black and chrome M4-P.  But then you'd just regret not getting the MP.

It's all bullshit.

Just flip a coin and let God tell you which to get.  Can't argue with that as it is your destiny.  

Enjoy shooting whatever you get!



Good points and suggestion.  I bet many here would flip that coin and then cry, "Let's do two out of three"!

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Cosmetic differences aside, there are also other differences between the silver and black MP:


1. Ergonomics: The black has paint, which is far more grippy than the silver chrome. The chances of a silver chrome MP sliding out of your hands are significantly higher. The black paint editions sticks to your skin. Holding the black MP in your hands feels really smooth. Holding the silver chrome feels like holding something with a sand-like surface, which to me doesn't feel as nice.


2. Ease of cleaning: The black paint version is much easier to clean. Jus wipe it off with a cloth and it's done. The silver chrome tends to attract dirt and grime really easily, and it sticks to the surface, which requires some serious rubbing or the use of wet wipes. After cleaning it it tends to get dirty really quickly again just by holding it in your hands, and this makes it have a matte brownish/yellowish hue, which I find doesn't look very nice.


I have a 3 years old black paint MP that is starting to brass here and there, and that has visible hairline scratches all over after normal use. It looks like a used camera. My wife has a 14 year old silver chrome MP that looks like it was taken out of the box yesterday, even though it's been used a lot more than my black camera.

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I have a 3 years old black paint MP...

So about 5 years after this thread started (and only recently revived).



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I like both black paint and chrome M cameras.  A chrome body will look good with either a black or chrome lens on it.  A black body looks sort of odd with a chrome lens mounted on it IMHO; some like that look, though. 


Chrome is the better choice for long term wear resistance.  As for black paint, I shot for 10+ years with my black MP and it showed very little brassing, which was fine with me.  I use my M cameras but am careful with them, seeing how they are not exactly a dime a dozen. 


As for bassing, it is a nice look but I'm not a brassing fetishist. 

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