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Steve Fines

Coding a Voight 50/1.1 on an M9

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Did some searching and couldn't find a clear answer.


Do folks with this combo code it as a 50/1.0? Not code it? Something else?


Thanks for your thoughts.....

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I coded mine as an f1 Noctilux but I'm sure it makes no difference, its just for Exif really.



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    • By thedwp
      I'm in the process of considering ONE of three lenses, all Voightlander (This is more about focal length vs the brand): 
      - 35mm/1.7 Ultron
      - 50mm/1.5 Nokton
      - 40mm/1.2 Nokton
      If you had to choose only one of these which would it be?
    • By leicalight
      I would like to buy a new 35mm wide-angle for my recently acquired M2. For the moment my budget restricts me to Zeiss or Voightlander glass. I was thinking about the Zeiss Biogon 35mm f2 but I understand, because of its size, part of the lens blocks the 35mm view. For me this is unacceptable. As I am unable to try all the 35mm lenses, my question is what 35mm wide-angle lenses from either Zeiss or Voightlander are available that do not obstruct the 35mm framelines of my M2? I presume the smaller 35mm f2.5 Voightlander VM Skopar and the 35mm f2.8 Zeiss are OK? I would rather not use a separate viewfinder just now although it could be an option at a later date. 
      This is a post from a new member (and new to Leica) so forgive me if the topic has been raised elsewhere. Thanks.
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      After finally getting my M10 delivered to me last November, I was chomping at the bit to use my old lenses that I used to shoot with my M6's some 10 years or more ago.  They are all older lenses (late 70's to mid 90's) in 28mm, 35mm, two 50mm's, 90mm, and 135mm and all relatively fast lenses (mostly summicrons with a summarit here and there) but not one of them is aspherical. 
      I loved these lenses while shooting film and still love them on the M10, but it is a ROYAL pain to have to mash buttons up and down and in and out of menus to set the M10 to the right lens designation every time I switch lenses and to be perfectly honest, I haven't noticed a difference in the images.  I tried ordering new bayonets that were "codeable" on ebay and turns out the screw patterns weren't the same.  And at this point, I'm wondering if I should bother at all?  Is there really a difference in a coded vs non-coded lens of this vintage besides getting exif data out of the shot?  I've seen the magenta color shift in some of the images posted here and elsewhere, but damn if I can find it in my shots. 
      So... are these lenses too old to code?  Just the wider ones? Do I even care? 
    • By Kirill E.
      The viewfinder of my M8 doesn't show the focusing from 0.7 to 0.5 meters with Nokton 35mm f/1.2 II . It just gets stuck at 0.7 meters.
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      Has anyone heard of this issue and / or know the impact of this?  I can't seem to find anything on it.
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