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The Leicaflex production commenced in 1964 with camera serial number 1080001

and terminated in 1968 at serial number 1174700 with a total 37000 issues.

Catalogue number 10002.

The Leicaflex was the first pure single lens reflex camera manufactured by Leitz.


The Leicaflex has a very clean uncluttered body, it is finished in satin chrome, some few examples, numbers unknow were produced in black paint. The viewfinder incorporates a clear glass screen; a central microprism ring is used for focusing. The shutter speeds are displayed at the bottom of the viewfinder and the meter indicator is on the right hand side. Correct exposure is obtained by matching needles. A battery indicator is also incorporated. The CdS exposure meter is not “through the lens” but has a separate window located in the pentaprism housing. The shutter speed control is located on the camera top plate, fitted coaxial to the wind on lever. Shutter speeds are from 1 sec to 1/2000 plus B. A new range of lenses was introduced with quick change bayonets. Electronic flash contacts were located on the camera front appropriately marked for expendable and electronic, the latter being at 1/100 sec. Other features were a mirror lock, a fully opening back, a rewind crank and a self timer.


There are two marks of this camera, Mark I has a “pie” shaped counter, Mark II has a circular frame counter and a meter cut-off switch incorporated in the film advance lever, on the Mark I ever ready case top cover a place was reserved for storing the battery.

The tripod bush is now integral.


Illustrated here are a Mark I model with Summicron 2/50mm single cam lens and respective lens hood and cap and a Mark II with Elmarit 2.8/135mm single cam lens. In the foreground the first model of leather ever ready case, design similar as the one for M3/M2 cameras, an instructions for use leaflet and a second model of leather ever ready case, design similar as the one for M4.

The second illustration shows the different counters shapes and the lodging place for the battery storing in the ever ready case top cover.



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Personally... I've never appreciated the styling of the 2nd version of case (used for M line too) : I didn't know there had been a 1st version for Leicaflexes, more classic-styiled : a lot finer, imho... thanks for posting

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