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Chinese Battery for the X1

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Being frugal with money so I can save for my travels, and having good experience in the past with Chinese batteries I ordered a $12 (shipping included) battery for the X1 on eBay to try out.

I figured I'd share my experience with you folks here in case there's some other's looking for a less expensive battery alternative.


Since the X1 doesn't use "smart" batteries like my DSLR, the kind that have unique electronic serial numbers with communication to the camera to monitor performance and shutter clicks per given battery, I wasn't concerned with using non-OEM batteries. There's no electronics in these batteries.

For this type, a battery is a battery assuming it performs within spec.


At full charge the output for both of the batteries is 4.19v


Both batteries weight 34 grams.


I also ordered one of the $12 chargers that has a nice folding plug and the function I absolutely need - a 12v plug so I can charge it off my motorbike on my travels.

These same cheap Chinese chargers I have used on every camera I've had for years.

The output on the Chinese charger is 4.29v

The output on the Leica one is 4.49v

Close enough for me.


This past holiday weekend I used both batteries up twice each with a family wedding thrown in and witnesses identical performance.

Given the facts and then experience I believe that this non Leica battery is just fine along with the charger.

Just like the rest of these types of batteries I've used, there's no reason to pay a premium for a re-labeled battery already made in Asia.

I think I'll order 3 more now....

There's various ones available from China, just be sure you get the 1600mAh ones or PM me for the specific seller if you want.




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I've had bad luck with knock-off batteries. I bought one for a macbook- the highest rated- and it had 1/100th the longevity of the official apple one. Others have exploded in my devices ruining them!


Thanks for the post for sure- I'm just offering my opinion. If you guys can buy a $2000 camera I recommend spending $99 online to get the official one and safeguard your investment. It's not about where it's made. It could be from the same damn assembly line, but Leica has their name on one of them and you can be sure that if theirs explodes and ruins your camera, you will be able to bitch enough to get it all replaced.


If it was not their battery, who knows what recourse or real guarantees you would have between Leica and the said company.

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