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"UXOOR Bellows I. Unnumbered pre-production model, finished in shining black lacker and displaying a bottom shape different from normal models. It is interesting to note that early UXOOR illustrations (Leica Fotografie Oct.//Nov. 1949; Le Leicaïste nº 1, 1950; Liste Photo 8201, Feb. 1951) depict a "shiny lacker finish". Unfortunately, I didn't trace yet a photo of this particular piece, but I'll keep investigating in the thousands photos not yet digitalized.


Here is one of this UXOOR with PLOOT and special Compur IBSOR Shutter.

Lens is a Rodenstock Trinar-Anastigmat 1 : 4.5 f 13,5 cm.


you can see on the base the "shiny lacker finish"



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